Weebly Free Plan Review: How to Use Weebly’s Free Service to Design Your Website

When creating and designing a website, the task of making things look neat and appealing can seem very overwhelming, especially to those without HTML experience. Luckily for you, there’s a method to use where you can create a professional and easy-to-read site for free, using the service Weebly.com.

First: The CLICK Technique, and How It Affects Your Weebly Site

The CLICK Technique is a five step process I’ve come up with through years of trial and error, and it’s a proven success to any marketing team looking to make their mark on their audiences. Each letter in the term ‘CLICK’ stands for something of importance—something you’ll need to harness and invest time in for your plans to run smoothly, and for results to be earned. However, once you’ve mastered The CLICK Technique, the possibilities are endless.

The first ‘C’ in CLICK stands for ‘curiosity’. You’ve got to bridge the gap between the consumers and what you have to offer. Piquing their interest is a key point in garnering traffic onto your site, and cracking that code makes you really stand out from the crowd. It’s for sure a game changer.

The ‘L’ stands for ‘land’—in other words, where the consumer lands on your site after they’ve clicked to visit is imperative to your success. Is your site easy to read? Does it enable mobile viewing? Is the navigation user friendly? Covering all bases and making sure you’ve got a fully functioning site while maintaining a certain level of aesthetics and content is key in making sure people will stick around once they’re curious for more information.

The ‘I’ stands for ‘irresistible offer’. As the saying goes, make them an offer they can’t refuse! If you’re willing to give out prime content and tips that cater exactly to what people are looking for, you’re sure to get their information for further discussions, thus earning you the business you’re trying to cultivate. Being original and forward-thinking really comes into play here.

The second ‘C’ stands for ‘cultivate’. Once you’ve gotten an e-mail address and are in touch with potential clients, you’ve got to work hard to make sure that relationship stays strong. Keeping in touch and building a strong foundation of trust and reliability are must haves when securing a deal and fulfilling a customer’s wants and needs. Personality is key.

The ‘K’ is for ‘keep going’! When applying these steps to your own growing business, the change that’s coming won’t appear overnight. You have to keep going, keeping working, and put in the time and effort into making every facet of your business as strong as you possibly can. I promise, when using these steps with the information I’ve gather, you will get proven results. You’ve just got to put in the elbow grease to make it happen.

How to Use Weebly and The CLICK Technique to Optimize Your Site

Applying The CLICK Technique, we focus on the letter ‘L’ when creating our free website using Weebly’s awesome services. Making sure that things are organized, put together, and beautiful is easy to do when Weebly is easy to manage.

Weebly.com lets you sign up for free and instantly begin creating a webpage using their domain. The user interface is extremely easy to follow and use, and the various options they give you during the editing period cover all necessary bases. Such options include a mobile webpage view that allows you to edit and see what your page will look like on a smartphone screen, making sure your page is always easy to navigate and use regardless of the medium people are using to browse.

On top of the seamless design facet, Weebly also offers a free analytics service, allowing you to see page views and unique visitors that stop by your website. As a growing business, those two are the things you’ll need to pay attention to the most, making Weebly an all around wonderful asset to you and your team.

Weebly Review: Free Website Design Service

Below, you’ll see a step-by-step overview of how to use Weebly and a review of Weebly’s ease of use as I went about creating my own site (a process that took just over thirty minutes!).

Criteria Rating Comment
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
The site itself is extremely user friendly.
Template Selection   Template Selection Template selection is vast and detailed.
Mobile Friendly   Mobile Friendly A very cool and very useful addition to make the best of your design.
Advertisements   Advertisements There’s only a small advertisement at the bottom of the site.
Navigation   Navigation There’s no limit to the amount of pages you can create, and the navigation is easy to use.
Widgets   Widgets A large pick of widgets to use, like reservations and forums.
Blog   Blog Embedded blogging feature that you can plug right into the site on a navigation tab that reads like a normal blog.
Analytics   Analytics Weebly offers a free analytics service, however you can also plug in a Google analytics if you’ve got one.
Contact Form   Contact Form Very easy to use, and a bonus is a list is kept of everyone who filled out the form for you to access.
HTML Code   HTML Code For those who know their code, the site makes it easy to plug in your own custom HTML alongside their templates.
Fun Factor   Fun Factor Very fun and easy to use!
Support   4 A star has been knocked off due to the busy signals I received when I called for help the first three times. However, once I got in touch with a representative, they were very professional as well as kind. I called to ask about the free plan and domain names, and he didn’t care that I was on the free plan.
Search Engine Friendly Search Engine Friendly Weebly has taken special consideration to allow you to modify the important SEO tags, which is great for a non-competitive SEO campaign. However, domain name is a huge factor in SEO, so if you really are using the FREE plan, weebly.com will be part of your domain name, and it will affect SEO.
Domain Name   Domain Name This is the major downside. With the FREE plan Weebly offers, you cannot hook up your Weebly site to a domain that you don’t purchase from them. Therefore, the site will read as yourdomainname.weebly.com if you’re not willing to pay the $40.00 they charge per year for a permanent domain name.
Overall Rating Overall Rating Overall, the site itself is excellent to use to build and create a site from the ground up. The FREE plan offers a lot of wiggle room and really excels at being user friendly, as well as producing quality and professional looking results. The only reason it gets four instead of five stars is the domain name issue, and having weebly.com in the title of your site is sure to hurt where certain aspects come in, especially in regards to SEO. Despite that, though, the site’s functionality is exceptional and worth a try for anyone interested in free design work.

As you can see from my Weebly review, this service offers a variety of ways to customize and improve your website for free. The only point of contention would be the fact that your domain name cannot exist without their name in the title unless you upgrade to a per month price ($5.00/month), or the $40.00 per year in order to sustain your domain. However, if you can see through that pitfall, Weebly.com excels in giving you a quick and easy way to produce quality content in less than an hour. I’d highly recommend giving it a try for yourself to see if Weebly is right for you.