Web Strategy on Mimika TV

I had a great interview with Miss Mimika Cooney on her hit web TV show called Mimika TV.  We covered a lot of important web strategy tips so I decided to write out all the details for everyone who would rather read than listen!   If you want to listen, check it out here.

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Today we are talking about the art of a great website strategy.

One-Click Lindsey is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them to utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads.

Lindsey is an expert in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, paperclick ads, websites, blogging, and the list goes on. She knows how to utilize the myriad of online marketing options to generate more traffic and leads, which produces more paying clients.

Q: How on earth do we get this online stuff turn into clients. We’ve got likes, we’ve got comments, we’ve got shares, but you’re the girl to show us exactly how to have a web strategy.

A: It’s fun to be out there online, but we’re really out there to get more clients. My main web strategy that I recommend and recommend to my clients, is consistency. You need to come up with a plan, you need to sit down and you don’t need to be on Blab, and Twitter and Facebook and all of these places. You need to have a very focused web strategy and not go after the newest and shiniest thing, because that will ruin your focus.

Blab is brand new, but right now what is working is content generation. You go out, you write really awesome articles, you let your customers gain trust in you, let them know what you know and you share that. You share that on social, you share that on your website and it all comes down to building trust and social media is a really quick way to do that. So that’s the web strategy.

Once you do that, it will help you generate a lot of traffic to your website. There are a hundred different ways to write content to generate traffic, but once these people come to your website, it is so important to be able to capture their email address at the very least. Of course we all want phone calls, but a lot of the time, people don’t want to give us a phone call, so at the very least, snag that email address. The best way to do that is with a landing page giving away some sort of irresistible offer.

Some sort of video series, a white paper, some sort of secret information that they will be willing to give you their email address for.   That’s how you turn them into clients.

Mimika TV: Blab is a way to build relationships, it’s how you get to know people. It’s your landing page.

Landing Page: For those who are not aware, is basically one page on your website that gets people to do one thing, which is usually to get their email address.

Q: How do we decide what is a really hot freebie? Because if it’s not good, people aren’t going to give you their email. So what is the base opt-in?

A: The most popular one is a white paper. Some sort of content that is not on your blog that they can’t find out there online. Those aren’t working very well unless you have a really awesome one, so you have to be creative.

One of the best opt-ins that is working for me and my clients right now is some sort of 30 day challenge. I will email you once a day with some sort of task. Example: 30 days to more traffic to your website. People like to be walked through things, they don’t want to be overwhelmed.

People love videos, so if you can do some sort of secret video that they don’t have access to. That’s been pretty popular.

Remember: Don’t get frustrated if your first give-away doesn’t work. You’ve got to find what your customers are craving and keep trying different things.

Q: So how do you find what they are craving?

A: My favourite thing to do is go on Facebook Groups where my clients are hanging out. I might go out there and read all the comments and come up with my ideas for a giveaway.

For example: Chiropractic client. Probably too busy to be online, so I would go to his office and ask what the number one thing is that people ask on the phone. That’s how to get the opt-in idea.

MimikaTV: So put your ear to the ground.

Essentially we all have a limited amount of time, but don’t put out garbage for your opt-ins. Don’t lie to them or tell them something is going to work when it really doesn’t. The whole purpose is to get more customers and if they get a crappy opt-in, they’re going to think you don’t offer quality and go away anyway, so put a lot of thought and effort into it.

Q: You get somebody’s email address, and what then? Some people are just going to send a newsletter, but it’s not enough.

A: Chiro example: Landing page for neck pain and a landing page for back pain, etc. If I am the website visitor and I opt-in for the back pain giveaway, then you’re going to send them some auto-responder emails. More info, some testimonials, back pain specific.

At the end of the specific auto-responders, you are more than welcome to send them your general email, mailer/newsletter, but in a perfect world, you would keep sending them very targeted content. If you just send them on a mail in, you’ll just get unsubscribed.

Q: Let’s say you need people to show up live, Blab for example. I don’t want to harass my email list every time, so should I do a once a week telling them what’s coming? What is the approach? How often? What do you do when you have so much content to share?

A: Definitely not once a month. Once a week for sure is what I would personally do. I would segment your list and say hey, “If you want me to send you an email reminder before I’m on Blab, then click this button.” Then I would do that. I would not email them everyday.

Stay consistent to your pattern. I would say once a week is the best. Once a month will get unsubscribed. Who is this? Etc.

Q: If someone signs up for some free content, I send it to them, do I put them in my general LIKES campaign or do you think there is a honeymoon period? For the first 7 days example.

Should I wait for them to go through the free content before sending them to the sales sequence for example? Is there a period where you shouldn’t give them anything other than what they opted in for?

A: Yes, because you have to build their trust. You guide them in and in the last email you let them know this isn’t goodbye, and let them know they can be on a list. Always let them know what you are doing and never send them anything they are not ready for.

Mimika: So you don’t want to overwhelm them with stuff.

Q: Would you say it’s 5 days, 7 days? When would you advise putting them into a sales sequence?

A: It depends on your product. I’ve jumped to a sales sequence in the second email before. A doctor’s office for example that didn’t require insurance. It’s hard to say generally. People have to be hot for it otherwise, send them some testimonials and let them tell you what they want.

Tell them you’re putting them somewhere, because you don’t want to make it easy for them to choose an option that leads to them unsubscribing.

Mimika: You don’t want to come across too strong, but you still have to ask for the sale. So opt-in and then nurture, nurture, nurture.

Q: How can I bust it up with my fabulous art style? Selling my art to the world. What would be a good opt-in?

A: Give away some free digital art. Screen savers for example. Then do a once a week, “Here’s a new art thing” to get them in love with your style. Instagram art, put some cool sayings on it – those are popular right now.

Always put your email/website with the art you are giving away.

Q: What is your view on Facebook Ads?

A: I love them. The best way that I have found to generate traffic and leads through Facebook, is the following web strategy sequence:

1) Create a page.

2) Run a Facebook Likes Campaign. Example: Join me for tricks and tips for leads. 10cents a like.

Then feed them some really good content – shared content for example. Working on the know, like and trust factor. Do it 3-5 days a week. Boost your content to those people who like your page.

3) Someone likes your page so you give them the content and build trust.

4) Promote a post, boost an ad. Very cheap.

5) Snag their email address.

Part of your target is people who like your page.

I want people to see your face with free content 3-5 times a week in their feed. Then they will get to know and like you. Then they get to your landing page and you get their email address.

Q: Is there a time period between the likes campaign and the opt-in?

A: I mess around with it. I would do the free content phase for a good month before I start asking for something. I want to utilize my customer’s money the best way that I can, so you have to develop that trust.

If I’m targeting your fans, they don’t know me, but my fans, they know me. So when it comes to ask for something, the price per click is going to be way less.

Q: So what if your fan base isn’t a lot of your ideal clients?

1) Put the Facebook tracking pixel on your website

2) Then write blog posts dedicated to those three segments

3) Then track who clicked through on each blog post

4) Then when I’m ready to sell, you can target those who showed interest.

Facebook is the cheapest, easiest and most direct way to get to your ideal customer these days, because it is so much cheaper.

Statement: You get more out of advertising to a target audience.

Lindsey: I guess I shouldn’t use the bad word, “Boost”.

Facebook: You have to test. There is no formula. You have to try and test. It’s not that expensive.

Q: Say I’m trying to build my likes and I want to target someone else’s page?

A: When you get into the Facebook Ad Manager, you’re able to target.

Q: How would you attract somebody else’s audience that has the same target market?

A: My recommendation would be to run that Like’s Campaign targeted at that audience. If they like my page, I would feed them some awesome content, then I would get them to opt in. That’s what I would do.

Remember: You are going to make mistakes, but you have to gamble and be ok with losing. To have a successful web strategy, you have to get in there and see what works with your audience.

Remember: There are some heavy hitters out there that we all admire and it’s going to be your gut instinct to target their audience, but it’s going to get expensive, but Facebook has Audience Insights, where you can find what people like.

Find people with less of a fan-base to get cheaper clicks.

Targeting someone with over 100,000 likes, the click to get them is much more.

Find someone with 10-20,000 likes and it will be cheaper.

Q: Less than 1$ a click is good?

A: Well, it is hard to say. I always try to go under 1$ a click. My boutique clients get down to 10cents a click. Definitely pick your demographics carefully.

When you are setting up a Like’s Campaign, I will go in and set up one for United States – women, and one for United States – men. My Likes are way cheaper for women than they are for men.

Segment it out for men and women and if you want to get more technical, you can segment for states, or interests or tons of other options. For sure do men and women because you will see a huge difference in the cost.

My advice would be to segment if for men and women and move on. When you have more time, or if you have a question or need to get really specific, then you can go deeper, but don’t get overwhelmed. You’ve got to take action on some level.

It’s all about getting more eyeballs on your stuff and it can be so overwhelming, so just keep it on people coming in.

MimikaTV: The cost for mobile is cheaper and I get more click throughs and engagement. Sunday night is awesome – people scrolling through their phones. It’s a sign of behaviour I’ve learned through testing.

Lindsey: If you want your website to convert better and you want to build trust and you want to have more engagement, 100% do video! It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

MimikaTV: If you can show your face, you get 80% more conversion on a landing page if you have video.

Lindsey: My Facebook posts with video do so much better and the cost of engagement is so much less with video. Just get your smartphone out and do something.

MimikaTV: There’s so much noise out there, so you’ve got to remember that there are people on the other side of that click.

Lindsey’s giveaway: A Web Presence Review. $50 value.

You submit to me your website and your social media outlets and I will record a video of me doing a screen share.

I will look at your website and tell you what needs to be improved.

I will look at all your social media and let you know what needs to be improved.

To win, you have to answer the question:

Before you sell, what is the first step in your Facebook campaign?

Answer: Like’s Campaign.