Utilizing the Web to Get More Website Traffic & Leads

Hi, everyone! I am going to jump right in because I cannot be more excited to tell you about my interview with Nicole Holland, the host of Business Building Rockstars Show.

I have to admit, some of the questions that Nicole asked some really great questions about how to use the web to produce more traffic going to your website and so much more. After all, any business owner really cares about is traffic and leads, which will turn into loyal customers, right? Right!

One of the most useful ways that you can generate the desired traffic and leads that you’re looking for is by creating email sequences that will help your customers understand you and your brand better and ultimately trust you. That’s one of the main reasons why I rebranded my web design company into the business it is now.

One of the awesome points that Nicole mentioned was the real importance of a website. I share with Nicole that a lot of people are under the assumption that if you want your business to do well, you’ve got to have a great website. A website can help, that is for sure, but it isn’t a make-or-break element. Sure, the better your web presence is online, the better it is for you. However, it doesn’t matter if you have a fancy corporate website, a simple landing page, or a blog. As long as you’re getting phone calls as a result of your web presence, then you’re doing great!

Perhaps my favorite segment of Nicole’spodcast is when Nicole and I talked about what we were doing before and what we wanted to be when we were growing up. Nicole also asked me what I do help get everything done during the day (the early bird truly does get the worm!).

I highly recommend that you tune into the podcast if you learn things like:

  • What it means to have been born with an “entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • How someone can manage a growing family while growing their own business.
  • What kind of struggles you can expect in the web development business.
  • Why a business coach is incredibly
  • How someone can manage the growing animosity you may experience at work.

Utilizing the Web to Get More Website Traffic & Leads