Twelve Minute Convos with Lindsey Anderson

Hey everybody! I recently was featured on “The Twelve Minute Convos” podcast with Engel Jones. Engel is trying to reach a goal to create a Guinness World Record for the most podcast interviews in three months. He interviews people who he believes to be “Champions” and is shooting for 1,509 podcasts in 3 months.

Engel and I discussed my talent for being a good online marketer and how it’s a lot more than building opt-ins and webpages. We talked about who I learned online marketing from. I told him I have lots of mentors, like Joe Pulizzi from Content Inc..

Mr. Jones asked how I got to be this way – jolly and happy and fun. I was just born this way! We discussed how some people don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in their bodies – like my husband!

He also asked a great question – what is one thing I’ve done consistently over the past three years and why I would recommend it to someone else? I told him how I get up at 4:00 in the morning, every weekday and how hard it is at first but it always pays off. We talked about how consistency makes me feel and why I would recommend this to someone else to try.

We then traveled to Engel’s “time machine” where he asked me several unique podcast questions. Engel asked me a question I have never been asked before on a podcast, which was what my earliest childhood memory was. I reminisced about a very traumatic experience involving a hornet as a child, around the age of 4 or 5. We also discussed my favorite song when I was twelve, and a few things about my website.

This was truly a fun experience as well as a new podcasting one for me! Tune in to hear it all!

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Twelve Minute Convos with Lindsey Anderson