Triberr – Increase Your Audience Exponentially

What is Triberr? Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite “finds” on the world wide web. One single social media site has connected me to a lot of folks, gotten me hundreds of retweets and increased my audience exponentially. You’ve probably never heard of it so it’s the perfect topic for ‪#‎WhatIsWednesday‬.

The best way to describe Triberr ( is as a blog amplification tool. The spirit of reciprocity is the number one rule here. The motto is: “I will share your content with my followers if you share mine. ” Users congregate as “tribes” that have similar content and similar audiences. People share each other’s content with their fan base and Triberr conveniently allows you to see who is participating and who isn’t.

Let me give you some numbers, between my Twitter and Facebook my reach is currently less than 10,000. If most people in my most successful tribe share’s my latest post, I have access to nearly 500,000 people. It’s awesome.

If you want to try it out, I just started a new tribe for newbies with a fan base of < 5000 followers. Click here to join me and I will walk you through it.