Top Online Ninja Marketing Tricks

In this podcast, I was interviewed by Stacey. We talked about top online ninja marketing tricks, how I started out on my journey as an entrepreneur with babysitting. I told Stacey how I had only three jobs in my life. Concerning the online ninja marketing tricks, I was kind of self-taught. I figured out the two things that would change my life, which is, driving traffic and leads.Stacey and I are personal friends, and she mentioned that in the show. The show went on a light note as she asked me some personal questions such as whether I liked wearing sandals or boots; whether I liked cats or dogs; whether I’m a saver or spender. Well, my simple answers, I like sandals; I like cats, and I’m a saver.

My Ninja Marketing Tricks:

As the show continued, Stacey asked how my name came about; One-Click Lindsey. I shared with her that my talent was indeed driving traffic and leads. The name came about through a client I had who was a chiropractor. We both shared office space and one day he asked what I did for a living. I answered, “I can drive some traffic and leads for your business.” He gave me some money, but I guess it was kind of a mistake since we almost showed up for work at the same time. I told him to be patient as it was going to take about four to six weeks before he could see some results. The guy passed by every morning to check and would ask, “Where are my traffic and leads? Where are we at?” and so on.

One day I wrote a new headline and updated some content on the page, and some 20 leads came through. The doctor walked in and said, “Well, if it isn’t One-Click Lindsey.” I thought the name was more memorable than Lindsey Anderson and he we are now!

Focus on Facebook Ads:

One aspect of online ninja marketing tricks that I usually focus on is Facebook ads. All it takes is a smart strategy, and your marketing campaign will bear fruits. I shared with Stacey the CLICK Technique which I run all my clients at It is available as a five-day crash course on I also told her the value that Facebook live has on marketing. For these and more online ninja marketing tricks, listen to the podcast.

Top Online Ninja Marketing Tricks