Title Tag: Layout The Search Results “Welcome Mat”

Make sure you layout the “Welcome Mat” for new visitors who see your site in Google results. Find out how on today’s ‪#‎whatiswednesday‬.

A very important part of conversion and SEO is your website’s title tag. The easiest way to find your title tag is to go to Google and type in the name of your company. The big link displaying your sites name is produced from some code on your webpage called the Title Tag.

Title tags are really important for SEO but they can also convince a user to click on your site. Let’s look at a quick example:

Which one would you click on of you were looking for some new kicks?
Option A: Tennis Shoes – Shoes R Us
Option B: Buy Top Brand Tennis Shoes – Limited 20% off – Shoes R Us

This is very easy to change; your CMS should allow you to type this in, your web developer will know how to find it or open your HTML and find this code. Everything between the two brackets is what is going to show up when Google displays your page. Quick note, be patient after you update it, Google can take a few weeks to get it updated in their results.

Title Tag