10 of the Best Things to Do With Alexa

It’s 2019, which means that you should already know all about the smart speaker wave that’s hitting the world by storm. According to data from Strategy Analytics, nearly 90 million smart devices were shipped out in 2018, up from 32 million in 2017.

The market is constantly growing and expanding, and among those smart speaker products is Amazon’s own Alexa. Though you might know her as a virtual assistant who helps you with the weather and basic facts, there’s so much more you should know and so many things to do with her that you could be missing!

Yes, we know Alexa as an amazing source for factual information, but Alexa can do so much more than that, especially for those of us in the digital marketing field. Amazon currently has the cornerstone on the amazing strategy that is flash briefings, allowing you (the business owner) to record yourself giving information and irresistible offers to anyone with an Alexa device.

It’s true! In just 60 seconds, you can get your message out to anyone in the world with a smart speaker in their home, providing a call to action to a larger audience in places that, before, were somewhat unreachable.

Additionally, there’s so much you can do with Alexa that’s rarely touched upon. From scheduling your calendar alerts to play in the morning alongside your favorite news sources (and flash briefings), Alexa can really be a one-stop shop for everything you’re looking for, and everything your audience is looking for, too.

With the average home having an average of six smart devices, it’s obvious that taking control of this market when the space is there is imperative, and the things to do with Alexa is an ever-growing list that I dive into to help you get started!