One of the Greatest Breakthroughs I’ve Ever Had

Look at this beautiful client of mine, Donnalynn Riley… she was so happy on this Zoom call that I HAD to take a picture of it.    

Why the big smiles?  

Well, she was feeling so inspired about having some serious revelations about her niche.

Niching and developing a REAL understanding of who you serve has been one of the greatest breakthroughs I’ve had in my business.

I, like Donnalynn, am constantly tweaking, understanding, perfecting who I serve and what I offer them. Each time I add a piece to the puzzle, my inspiration flows, and it’s an incredible feeling.

Just this year I narrowed my niche down from helping “coaches and consultants” to just coaches. Since then, I’ve created some of my most successful programs and courses. 


Because I’m speaking their language. (I guess it’s “our” language because I’m a coach too!)

It’s one of the numerous benefits that come with continually evaluating and perfecting your niche: when you understand who your clients are and what their pain is, it becomes very easy to craft irresistible courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and retreats!