The Challenge Method to Get More Clients

There are so many ways to turn prospective clients into paying customers, but the most effective marketing method that my agency uses to get more clients is the Challenge Method. 

This method is an awesome way to fill your groups, your webinars, and get people to trust you enough to buy your products or services. 

All you need to start out is a Facebook group! It can be an existing group, or you can start a new one. 

So you have your Facebook group; what’s next? 

First, you’re going to announce you have a challenge. Make sure to make your live challenge theme something that would be an excellent introduction to your services and your brand. You’re going to want to brainstorm for something that is going to hook your perfect client. 

Then, for four days, you host your challenge. You’re going to give your perfect clients all this free information that excites them. They’re going to keep coming back those four days, and this is going to build their trust in you! 

The trick to a successful challenge is that you will not mention anything about purchasing, not yet. On the very last day, after all your perfect clients are warmed up to you, you’re going to pitch your product or service. You’ll say, “If you liked this challenge, you’d love the other things I have!” And they will bite. 

That’s the Challenge Method! 

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