What Super Bowl XLIX Can Teach You About Online Marketing

Straight up, I am a Seahawks fan and the end of the Super Bowl was difficult to stomach. As much as I don’t want to rehash the pain of last Sunday night, I will, because there was some really important lessons that small businesses can apply to their online marketing strategies.

1. Adapt

Seahawks lost their defensive back, Jeremy Lane, to an injury after he made a huge play in Football the first quarter and intercepted Tom Brady’s pass in the end zone. I am sure this was unsettling for the Seahawks, but they came up with a Plan B that worked very well for them.

I have many clients that are leery of many online marketing techniques. Sometimes they try something that doesn’t work and feel that they need to return to their old marketing techniques.  Many of these techniques are outdated or have never worked that great in the first place. Times are changing and it’s crucial for small business to adapt and be willing to change. If you don’t, your competitors will adapt, and they will win.

2. Don’t Give Up

As the game was winding down, Jermaine Kearse made the most amazing catch I’ve ever seen. Seattle had the talent and time to be the victors in the Super Bowl, it must have been hugely disheartening for New England. But the Patriots didn’t throw up their hands in defeat and allow their championship to be taken from them. With pure fortitude, Malcolm Butler intercepted the Seahawks pass at the goal line, ending the season for the Seahawks.

I know it can be easy to be discouraged by your online marketing efforts. It can be tempting to quit and think that it won’t work. But that’s when you have to double your efforts and forge ahead. It worked for the New England Patriots and it will work for you to.

Online Marketing Victory

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

So, let’s talk about the play (what many are calling the worst play call in NFL history). Pete Caroll’s decision to throw the ball instead of running it sealing the Seahawks fate. The main thing that people will remember from this Super Bowl is that play. That mistake.

But here is the thing, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Do you know that a study shows
that teams should always go for it on a 4th down? So, even though teams will score more points if they “go for it”, coaches will continue to punt, and why? Because if they don’t convert, people will say they made a huge mistake.

In my personal online marketing, I’ve tried things that are outside of conventional thinking. Sometimes those efforts have failed (and I learned some things), and sometimes they’ve worked, and I’ve set myself apart from my competition. So, go ahead and make the risky play if you feel it’ll be right for your business.  The good news is, any mistakes you make in business won’t be as nearly as detrimental as making a decision to throw the ball when you have the best running back in the league!