Stop Hitting Your Inner Snooze Button

Ohhhhhh that dreaded internal snooze button.

You know the one.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you hit it every day, multiple times a day!

It starts with a new opportunity, a phone call, a Facebook LIVE, a blog post that needs doing…

It’s a fleeting thought because you’re an expert at hitting that “inner snooze button.”

Putting that work off for another day when you’re feeling more “inspired” or “motivated.”

Let your “future self” deal with getting things done, putting yourself out there and finally get your digital marketing tasks complete.

Well, bad news… your “future self” loves the “internal snooze button” as much as your current self, and unless you finally decide to STOP HITTING THE DANG INTERNAL SNOOZE BUTTON, nothing is going to change for you.