Social Media Marketing Benefits and Strategies to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Social Media Marketing Benefits

The benefits of social media platforms can be defined in various ways. That’s because social media’s worth is often assessed from diverse perspectives. For instance, you can use it to increase traffic to your website by increasing your ranking on organic search (SEO). There are many search benefits accrued from social media. Backlinks and social sharing help increase ranks. Additionally, social media platforms can help increase clicks to your blogs and any other relevant content you create. Besides increasing traffic, here are the other benefits you can expect to get from marketing your brand using social media.

Advanced targeting

The same population that your brand is targeting is also on social media platforms. You can get them based on the data associated with their profiles and what they are talking about. That’s a huge benefit for businesses with a local market or niche. Use social media as a method to get your customers and solve any problems or needs they might have.

Direct access to your customers

Social media empowers you to connect with your prospects, customers and target population at any time. Some platforms allow you to use your business contacts in your accounts to connect with them as well. You can use this as a technique to instantly communicate to your customers on new products, special offers, current promotions, and many more. And the best thing is that you will do all this for free.

Brand awareness

The social media platforms allow you to advertise your business to many people across the world at any time. There’s no limit to the location, type of consumer, or demographic that your business can touch. Each time an individual shares any of your posts, your reach grows bigger.

Reduce advertising costs

It costs more to print brand flyers than to create posts on social media. You will find Facebook ads promotions that reach more persons than billboards. YouTube, the second biggest search engine across the world, is more cost-effective than TV adverts. Social media allows businesses to become laser focused and also spend less on marketing.

Increase relationship capital

Through social media, brands have the chance to build business relationships over the internet. For businesses on social media, it simply means to develop a bond within the audience you are targeting. Buyers tend to purchase from a brand they know well and trust. You should first strive to connect with your clients on a personal level and then look to sell.

Increase sales and leads

Social media advertising can increase sales. It’s up to you to determine how you will do it. Individuals are tweeting every minute about a particular need they have. Businesses who engage with such an audience might end up converting many leads. A good percentage will convert to sales, and the source will be visible. Maybe you have an excellent website, but you only need suitable traffic to turn them into sales. Therefore, social media can assist you to generate the traffic you require.

All the social media benefits described above are different aspects that play a vital role in your marketing results. However, knowing the advantages of social media is not enough. Knowing will only allow you to plan for business success, but you can implement the relevant strategies for your brand to achieve the goals you want. Some of these strategies include:

Targeting new markets

Selling your products to many markets can significantly spread your risk and increase your customer base. Consider new ways to sell online, for instance. Check if there are groups you have never targeted before who may be interested in your products or offers. However, don’t waste a lot of time marketing to people who will not be interested.


Innovation provides you with a competitive advantage by creating products that differentiate your brand and meet the needs of your clients more effectively than your competitors. You should focus your product creation program on features that provide customers with unique benefits or exceptional value. These innovative features will offer a robust advantage since competitors will typically find it difficult to offer substitutes or imitate products that provide the same value.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is known to be the foundation of online marketing. To attain a high ranking in the search engines, you’ll have to optimize all your digital platforms and adverts to achieve more visibility, traffic, and conversions. Today, most buyers often research before buying products, meaning approximately one-third of the world utilizes social media platforms daily. That will translate to a considerable prospective audience for your brand promotion.

The advantages of social media are incredibly many, but the most significant ones are the low budget required, ability to filter the targeted population, substantial visibility potential, and customized communication. Social media marketing also allows you to know your competitors. Bear Newman from Bear Fox Marketing explains that when advertising on Facebook, it can be helpful to see what your brand competitors are doing and to see their raw data by using Facebook Open Graph. That will help you identify the market areas you should compete in and also give you a stage to differentiate yourself.

Rich content

Great content over the internet is the fuel that typically drives advertising your brand online. It gives you the chance to get more visibility over the internet and convert those potential clients who visit your site as well. Generating rich content should be done frequently, and it can generally take the form of product videos, blogs or even podcasts. Regular production of useful content often leads to more traffic and better leads generation.


Businesses can make various strategic moves to develop a competitive advantage. The objective is to build a clear difference that’s critical to your clients and is something your brand competitors cannot match. It’s possible to have a competitive advantage by building a strategy of leadership in various factors such as targeting new markets, innovation, quality, customer experience, and cost. However, you should identify one thing that you can do pretty well and focus your selected strategy on it.

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