Activation Energy – The Science of Getting Started

How many times have you put off starting something, only to realize that the task was relatively easy once you finally got off your butt and got started?

In chemistry, the amount of energy it takes to actually start something is called activation energy, and I’m sure you can agree that for some tasks, trying to muster up this activation energy seems downright impossible.

Continuing with my little chemistry analogy, there is something that can help decrease the amount of activation energy it takes for a reaction to occur. You simply have to introduce a thing called a catalyst.

A catalyst doesn’t change the reaction, it simply lessens the activation energy that is required.

When it comes to achieving goals or completing tasks that require a crap ton (technical term) of activation energy… there are numerous motivational catalysts that can be introduced in your life that will make the activation energy of achieving your goals SO MUCH EASIER.