The 7 Scary Truths About Running a Successful Online Coaching Business

scary truths about coaching business

Have you ever found a business partner, hired a coach, or purchased a program and thought…

“This coach/program/partner is going to SAVE me.”

I have.

Here are just a few of their names:

Ben. Joe. Ben (I have a thing for Bens, I guess). Jim. Charlie. Kelly. Kevin. Ian.

Let me tell you a secret…

I partnered or purchased from these folks thinking they had a shortcut to my business woes, and while their information/offer was solid… no one “SAVED” me.

These partnerships never turned out to be the Holy Grail I was looking for because I had one very important lesson to learn, and when I learned it, things (ironically) actually started to work.

Here it is <drum roll please>:

This online coaching business is 100% yours, and no one is coming to save you.

I faced this truth and found that I had a tendency to hide behind coaches/programs/partners because I simply didn’t trust myself!

I worked on that.

It took some inside work (you know—the long and painful kind), but now…

I trust that I know what my clients want.
I trust that I can develop the skills I need to succeed.
I trust in my own business decisions.
I trust in the vision of this company.
I trust that I can guide this company to meet lofty goals.

So that’s one insight I have from my vast experience in helping online coaches reach their goals… want a few more?

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Maybe these insights will help you achieve your online coaching goals a little bit easier!

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