Podcasting on Steroids: A Strategy For Any Business

I host two podcasts.

The Traffic and Leads Podcast. This bad boy has been live for years. It brings in some clients and has hundreds of downloads per episode.

The PDX Small Business Network Podcast is a wee little thing I launched last year. This podcast gets a whopping 30 downloads per episode but has brought me more business, hands-down, that the Traffic and Leads Podcast has in 4+ years!

Why? I’ll explain it in detail in this video.

This potent podcasting strategy can be utilized by any business in any niche to get yourself in front of potential clients without having to do the yukky dance of getting folks to take their guard down as you try to get to know them. Don’t you hate trying to talk to someone when they think you’re just going to try to sell them?

It’s a powerful strategy and it doesn’t require much money or time but it’s extremely in producing high quality leads for your business.