Overcome Resistance and Get Shiz Done

overcome resistance

I just finished a pretty good book by Steven Pressfield called “The War Of Art.”

It’s a unique and slightly militant approach on how to identify, defeat, and unlock the inner barriers of creativity. The thesis of this book is, if you can overcome resistance, you can actually make changes in your life that are positive, enriching, and constructive.

For me… resistance is physically uncomfortable, and when I feel it (without checkin’ it and puttin’ it in its place), it feels like procrastination, wasting time, lots of excuses, perfectionism, feeling stuck, overthinking, low motivation, and a complete throwing up of my arms and surrendering to the feeling and giving up!

The ability to effectively deal with resistance is a major factor in achieving my goals of more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact. I’ve done some research and implemented some tactics, and I can tell you what I know (although I’m just scratching the surface).

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