Online Marketing Strategy Basics

Want to know the online marketing strategy basics?  I had a great interview with Mr. Nile Nickle of the Social Media Business Hour podcast where we discussed all the ways small business owners can start driving traffic and leads to their website.

Nile’s favorite topic is social media marketing so we spent the first part of the showing discussing how social media may be the cornerstone to generating the best kind of traffic and leads to your website.

We followed up with discussing websites and landing pages.  Websites and landing pages are not the same thing.  If you want to know the difference make sure you listen to our interview.   Landing pages are an important tool for every online marketer.    There are a few valuable tips on making a rock start landing page.

Finally, Nile and I discussed my top 5 proven tactics to generate a never ending cycle of high quality traffic and leads to your website.    These proven tactics include the following:

  • Invest in a killer website
  • Have a online marketing plan that will generate traffic
  • Catch your audience’s attention
  • Start email marketing
  • Build a long lasting relationship with your potential clients

It was a great interview that covered online marketing strategy basics.  Make sure you check out more Social Media Business Hour’s episodes here.

Online Marketing Strategy