Online Marketing Strategy Basics


I was recently interviewed by Mr. Nile Nickel of the Social Media Business Hour Podcast. We had a lot of fun talking about online marketing strategies. We covered a lot of online marketing strategy topics including social media marketing, websites, landing pages and email sequences.

Check out the highlights below:

How social media marketing is the cornerstone of the best type of traffic for your website. Social media marketing will produce quality traffic that will produce high quality leads for your small business.

The difference between your website and a landing page.

How to know how your landing page is performing. We also talked about how to make a “Rock-Star” landing page.

Finally, I let Nile in on my top 5 proven tactics to generate a never ending cycle of high quality traffic and leads for your small business. If you follow these online marketing strategy basics that I discussed with Nile, you will be on your way to online success.


If you want to hear more podcasts on social media marketing, Nile’s podcast is a great resource.

Online Marketing Basics