One Click to Success

When I was running Web Impact, I would have customers who would ask for an SEO campaign or a Pay-Per-Click campaign to drive traffic to their site—although the purpose of that particular business wasn’t to do that. So, I sat back and thought to myself what could I do to help get people what they wanted—which was more traffic and leads.

In an interview I did with Amanda at the She Did it Her Way Podcast, I share my beginnings with her and why I decided to go into this business. We also go into the three core principles that every website owner should strive to achieve.

We also chat about the magic that a great landing page can do for your website. One example I gave was when I did some work for a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant chiropractic care and how when anyone searched for a particular phrase, they would land on that landing page, and the consumer/client relationship would continue.

Amanda also asks a great question about how to drive traffic and get leads through Instagram. While I don’t have many clients, who use the platform, the two that I do have to do amazingly well, simply by taking photos of their products, posting them on Instagram and leading them to an actual storefront or even a website.

Of course, we all know that email marketing is one of my favorite ways of getting traffic to their business. I talk to Amanda about the right way to use email marketing to work in your favor. Like I told her, “The inbox is a very, very, sacred space; maybe one of the only online spaces that we actually feel like we have control over…”

If you’re interested in learning more about what I talked about with Amanda, I fully recommend that you tune into the podcast episode.

One Click to Success

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