One Click Lindsey – Turn Clicks into Clients

Hey everybody! I was recently asked by Laura Steward to be featured on her show, It’s All About the Questions! We had a great chat all about how to light up your internet marketing presence!

Before we got deep into strategies, Laura asked how I got the name, One-Click Lindsey! I shared with her a fun story about when I worked for a Chiropractor and how the name was given to me! It has been a great, memorable name that has been excellent for marketing! It is more catchy than just my name!

We then talked about how in just 14 days you can get more traffic and how to convert them into clients. I also unveil the one BIG thing that most websites are missing and how it makes a huge difference!

In this episode, you’ll also hear about:

  • How you can drive traffic without paying anything
  • About landing pages
  • How to drive traffic from social media
  • How long an SEO campaign will take
  • Some tips on how to do SEO on your own without an SEO company
  • What keywords are
  • How keywords help you
  • Where you put keywords
  • About Yoast SEO plugin and how it benefits you
  • Why you should try to capture clients email addresses
  • The importance of an irresistible offer
  • What my irresistible offer is
  • How to take traffic and turn it into clients
  • About opt-ins
  • How often you should reach out in an email campaign
  • What statistics say about email campaigns
  • At what point you should start to try to draw in a sale in an email campaign after they opt in
  • What the tone of your emails should be like
  • What the difference is between a landing page and a web page

Turn clicks into clients