No SEO Company (or bill) Required

Google takes into account hundreds of factors when determining who comes up first in the search engines, so Search Engine Optimization can be a very complex and costly process. But today I’m going to talk about three tasks that if you perform consistently, will help your website rise in the search results. K SEO eep in mind, running a full-blown SEO campaign might get your to place higher in the results quicker, but if you perform these tasks consistently you can increase your search engine rankings without using an SEO company.

By the way… if you follow my advice in this article you will also never have to worry about being blacklisted or punished by any of the Google algorithm updates, because what I’m talking about is content, and that’s always going to be Google’s primary focus.

Three things you can do to increase your search engine rankings:
1. Write on your Blog
2. Share on your Social Media Channels
3. Focus on Link Earning

Write on your Blog
Search-engines LOVE lots and lots of GOOD content! Why is that? Because good content is what people using their search-engines are going to love! And search engines want to keep directing people to relevant up-to-date information.  Make a goal to write on your blog a few times a week, then do it, consistently for a few months. When you write on your blog mix it up, write long posts, short posts, video posts, image posts…. Google loves a good mix of content. Also, when you’re writing don’t forget, blogging has so many benefits outside of driving traffic to your site, it also helps position your brand as an industry leader and improves your customer relationships.

Share on your Social Media channels
After you write your blog post make sure that you share it on social media. A website that has its content shared on different social media channels will improve its search engine ranking plus it’s just good business. If your overwhelmed with all the social media options, let me help… get your business profile set up on LinkedIn and Facebook and follow the steps below.

Facebook: All blog posts should be posted on your company’s page on Facebook. You should also use some Facebook Marketing to generate a fan base. How important is this? Well, I teach an entire class on how to utilize Facebook Marketing to drive traffic, so I think it’s pretty important! So check that out if you are interested in a bit more info on this topic.

LinkedIn: Repost your blog post on the LinkedIn Pulse or at least make a status update that you have a new blog post out. If you post one of your blogs and it captures the attention of the Powers-That-Be at LinkedIn, then you could get featured, and prepare for a HUGE spike in people seeing your content. There is no trick to this, you just have to write great content and hope for the best.

Focus on Link Earning
Links leading back to your site, really help with your SEO efforts. However you have to be really careful these days and never ever buy links or get your link on a site that isn’t related to your industry. Make a goal to earn some links each and every month. However, if you are writing high quality content, chances are people will just naturally share links back to your blog, which is exactly what Google is looking for.
I could go into a few of my favorite tactics but honestly, I found this awesome article by Jon Cooper called Link Building Tactics – The Complete List. See how Jon wrote something REALLY valuable and I’m linking back to it?  This is the perfect example of link earning and what I want you to strive for.

In Summary
If you do these three things, consistently over a long period of time you WILL rise in the search engine rankings without having to hire an SEO firm. If you are looking for more information on doing your own SEO there are a ton of free guides out there so take a few moments each week to do a little research: Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO, Search Engine Land’s SEO Guide and KISSmetrics’ guide to SEO.

I also have a FREE guide on “How to Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic to Your Site” you can download that and two other guides on how to generate Traffic and Leads by heading over here.