Traffic and Leads Podcast: Newsletter Marketing

Miss Jamie Samples of  Yellow Barn Media and I discuss the power of Newsletter Marketing and how important having a strong newsletter marketing strategy can be for the strength of your company.  Jamie reached out to me after I published one of my first articles of LinkedIn.  The article was titled “Nobody ‘Likes’ Me And I’m Fine With That” and I think she sent me a message because she felt bad for me!  I’m glad she did because since then we have become good friends and I’ve been lucky enough to work with her on several projects.

Listen In Here:  Traffic Tip:  Newsletter Marketing


  • What a newsletter marketing strategy is, and why it is still relevant in today’s online world.
  • Mind-blowing stats that may have you rethinking your views on the power of an email and why you need a newsletter marketing strategy.
  • Investments and costs, and how to choose an email platform.
  • Testing and measuring your email and newsletter strategies.
  • Understanding open and click-through rates.
  • How often to send an email to your customer base.
  • What kind of content to include in your communication.
  • The importance of maintaining a positive and consistent level of contact with your potential customers and clients.
  • How to make sure that anyone you hire to help you with your content creation will represent your specific business despite not being an expert in the field.
  • Why it can be extremely positive to get an outsider to assist you in your marketing strategies.
  • Where to start if you want to do it yourself.
  • What to do if you don’t have any email addresses yet.
  • Email conversion rates vs. social media.
  • How email and newsletter marketing will generate traffic and leads for your website.
  • How to create an effective newsletter marketing strategy.
  • Common roadblocks when starting, how to overcome them and more!

Newsletter Marketing Strategy

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