Marketing for Life Coaches – 11 Best Strategies

Marketing for Life Coaches – 11 Best Strategies

For any business, marketing is critical because it helps get the word out that we exist and what we do. It is the case with any other business or service you might be familiar with. Even for life coaches, it’s nothing different. However, when it comes to marketing for life coaches, things get a bit trickier. Because here you are not selling a product, but selling a service, which is different.

This is why we are here today, to tell you the right way to market your life coach business. There will be 11 points we will be going through, so bear with me in this long, informative, and sometimes dull information. Just remember, not all the information may be applicable or practical for you, but at the end of this, you’ll know what to do.

11 Best Marketing Strategies for Life Coach Marketing

Marketing for Life Coaches


As I mentioned above, marketing for life caches can be a tricky business. Now, how tough, let’s go through it:

Designing Memorable Business Cards


Even today, when everything is online, handing a visiting or business card may not seem a viable option, but it is very effective. You might not know this, but in Japan, visiting cards are a sign of respect that each individual as a working person should have and should give. Therefore, they hand out their cards with both hands, and the receiver should receive it with both hands as well, or it will be considered disrespectful.

In business, these cards are usually handed out as a means to promote or get your message across. You should design each card to get the word out creatively, so your card won’t end up in the bin. Giving a visiting card is also a life coach marketing technique.

There are many design ideas you can try. You can even get creative to design your card using a distinct style, something in square or curved edges. You can go round too. There is one thing to remember here that you should not give your card to anyone, try handing them to someone you strike a conversation with, even if it’s a sweeper. This way, you can ensure your card will reach potential clients sooner than later.


Networking through Social Media

Social Media Networking


Another way for marketing is to make new and reestablish old connections through many social media platforms. Nowadays, Instagram is more famous for making new connections. Other sites include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, zoom.

Working on those social media platforms will help you create marketing strategies with their easy-to-use tools. They will even offer you training to help you get started.

Networking also allows you to form alliances with other coaches with similar skills or someone who is much more experienced than you. It gives you a learning curve while doing what you do.

Getting Testimonials from your Clients

Congrats on getting life coach testimonials. It’s not something you can quickly get.
These are the most potent marketing ideas you can adapt that cost you nothing. Having these testimonials on your brochure or website implies how good a coach you are.

However, asking a client for an endorsement can be challenging for both the coaches and the client. But, if everything goes well, you’ll get the recommendation you need, and you will be able to conquer this part. The best part of this is that you get reorganization as a good coach because of the testimonials, which is marketing for life coaches technique.

Become an Expert with an Attractive Coaching Message


Attractive Coaching Message

Writing a coaching message is also a way to attract your client. An expert life coach is the master of a specific niche. For marketing purposes, this niche, as a massage, can attract all potential clients. The message includes details like your skills or personal life experience, or any special interests that position you as an expert in your work.

It creates an impression on your clients, who then seek your guidance and help you spread the word. Two birds with one stone, right. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a message that is authentic, congruent, as well as inspirational enough that catches attention. That message will have your target market feel confident and wanting to know more about your coaching.

Writing a Book Is a Great Life Coach Marketing idea.


Most life coaches have also experienced writers who have a couple of books under their name. Even though it might not be necessary or valuable for you, it is a good marketing tool. Think of it this way, other than coaching. You are becoming a part of their bookshelf that helps them get their life on track. It may be an exemplification of the example, but it is true.

Through your book, you are establishing yourself as an authority that attracts clients. Moreover, some platforms help you market your writings, so they’re well praised by appreciators.
Your book will give you status and increase credibility to your work. With this life coach marketing, you can promote it during networking, sell them at speaking engagements or even hold a signing event.

Making Presentations, Your Life Coaching Specialty


You can overcome the fear of public speaking when you show up on stage with a presentation to display. But, believe it or not, even the most established speakers can get stage frights on some occasions. Usually, a time-out can help, but some use a push yourself technique to overcome that fear. This way, your sessions become fearless, increasing your credibility as a coach at the same time, which reap great rewards.

There is a thing to mention here. A presentation itself is nothing unless there is someone capable to deliver it. The reason behind it is, the presentations need time, research, and dedication to make and don’t receive much appreciation.
What you can do is, make the presentation a tool, a specialty that you possess. Some coaches market their sessions based on the presentation they are going to deliver. Taking those as an idea, an inspiration, you can grow as a life coach by giving presentations that change a life.

Free Life Coaching Session as a Great Marketing for Life Coaches Idea
You might have noticed that some coaches give out free trial offers on their sites or social media. You must think, is it a good idea?

What you don’t know, ‘try before you buy one of their marketing strategies. How is that possible, you ask? They call it a discovery session or a free consultation. This concept is that people don’t understand what coaching is and don’t even try to join. The previous points I mentioned for marketing, including this one, drive them to attend your session. This way, they will get to experience your talent before deciding to continue.

On the surface, this strategy is a good idea, but it has its limitations. People try to get as many freebies as possible but don’t like to pay. That can be discouraging for some, but life coaches take this a challenge and change the thoughts of those freebies, giving them a unique free session, so they keep coming back for more.

Making Your Website Work for You


Your Website Work for You


As time passes, the internet is becoming more significant than ever. A website and linking it to your social media accounts are needed to keep your online presence and life coach marketing. A website that’s just pretty won’t cut it. It should have enough information, so people can recognize you and join your program if they want.

Having a website that all search engines can find is something that attracts life-coaching clients better. One mistake that most life coaches make is not checking Wikipedia. There should be your page there. It could be a general one giving basic information or details, whatever you like. It increases your authority further and gets you more popular, so your potential clients will easily find you.

Commenting and Guest Blogging

Like getting an interview, commenting on someone else’s post or comment is an excellent way to marketing for a life coach. It is one of the creative ways to get recognized as a reputed life coach with something to say that makes your comment worth reading and a following. This way, you can secure followers and potential clients in one go, another two birds with one stone, right.

The same goes for guest posting that can be a short essay on something you talked about in your session once. However, there may be something you need to make sure of. Your words of wisdom should be relevant and helpful. It boosts engagement and followers.

Hosting or being a part of a Webinar

Showing your skills is an excellent opportunity for life coach marketing. They are becoming more popular day by day, so why not use them. They are the best way for coaching. Through their interactive visual nature, that also promotes your message as a coach.

I’ve seen some great webinars, but some were so bad that it made me turn of everything because of how badly they were presented. As I mentioned before, presentation is a complex skill to master.

Trying Google AdWords and Campaigns

Use as a side income by everyone who owns a website. It does pay to advertise!
AdWords works because each time someone clicks an ad on a site goes to a designated page that promotes your coaching. This marketing technique depends on the design and the information provided on the destination page.

Keeping your budget in view, you can get paid for each click, plus a bonus if someone purchases your session from your page. Getting into more details about AdWords here is hard so that I will summarize. You run a campaign by spending some amount of money, either on Google or on social media. You can find how to create campaigns online quickly, and some videos show the whole process.

Boosting campaigns 

Coming back to the point, these campaigns boost a page or a post on either social media or the internet. This way, all potential people you could become your clients will get that post or website as a suggestion, which people tend to click. It also increases your page visits. However, one thing to remember is to get the keyword right, so google can help you secure more clients.

These campaigns have a time limit that will expire, stopping the drive. However, you can renew it with ease and keep benefiting for a long time. Just be sure to change the text for every renewal campaign because that will affect your site’s visits and engagements.

Final verdict 

These were the 11 strategies used for marketing for life coaches. Still, you should know one other marketing tool. It’s called social media forums. Most life coaches on Facebook and LinkedIn run forums where you can start a discussion or comment on someone else’s post. However, beware that not all forums will be helpful for you.

Some forums are there, so other coaches promote themselves and their offerings. Others may have poor management that could be overloaded with advertisements, giving you a hard time to join a sensible discussion. The key to a good forum is that it’s well moderated and encourages conversations with minimal promotions that don’t ruin the experience.

Getting marketing assistance for coaches 

If you are thinking of getting a marketing expert to assist you in marketing your coaching session, it may not be a good choice. Instead, you can get a marketing person to teach you the basics that you can choose to apply to your site and social media.

You can also hire a person just for marketing purposes. However, these days freelancing is a thing that you could benefit from. Instead of handling everything yourself and stressing out, you can outsource parts of your work to freelancers to make your job easier to manage.