Make Every Website Click Count

Not too long ago, I was interviewed with Brandon Uttley on the Go For Launch podcast where we talked about how any business with a website make every website click count. The conversation was incredibly easy going and a delight to do.

In the beginning of the interview, I talk about the first time I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug—way back when I started babysitting and I’d rather act as a dispatcher and send babysitters to various clients, a la Babysitters Club. Then when I managed a pool at 16, I created a software program where parents could sign their children up for swim lessons. From there? It seemed like a natural choice to go into computers in college because if you understand how the internet worked and knew programming, you could test out any business idea.

I digress…

Brandon asks what I think is the best way to get quality web traffic. I tell him that the best thing is to create quality content, which builds trust with the client. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. I also talk about why I also run SEO marketing in the background.

One of the biggest things we’ve seen that businesses will do to help drive traffic is by giving away free reports and ebooks. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a great idea. Instead, we talk about why there are better ways, like a free email course, to reach your target audience.

My favorite part of the segment may have been when we started talking about various tools that I use with my clients and how to get them “quick wins.” These tools can be really useful for driving traffic and getting those leads you really want.

If you’re interested in checking out what those tools are and listening to the interview, I recommend you tune into the episode!

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