Essential Landing Page Elements

Landing page design is a science. Online marketing professionals know what elements your landing page must have in order for it to convert traffic into leads. Watch this video to see if your landing page is everything it should be!

Important Landing Page Elements

Good morning, it is One-Click Lindsey with Today I wanted to talk about the important elements of a landing page.   What is a landing page?  I cover that here.   In a previous video we discussed an important part of the landing page, the optin box, but today, I wanted to cover landing page elements.

Without further adieu, here are the landing page elements you want to make sure you have:

Headline.  The number 1 element for your landing page is your headline. When people come to your site, they’ve got to see a huge attention grabbing headline to the effect of, “Hello! You are here, and you’re at the right place.”  Check out this article for some landing page headline formulas.

Sub Headline.  The next element is to create a sub-headline that backs up your initial headline.  A sub headline will make the visitor feel more comfortable, and they know that they are again, at the right place.

Image. Your landing page should have a very nice professional image that convey’s your message.  Remember,  people are visual and they will only be at your site for a few seconds. With that image, you are letting them know, at a glance, they are in the right place.

Bulleted List of Pain Points.   What can you fix for them. Ask yourself, “Why are they here?” Are you a plumber? Can you fix their toilet, can you fix there sinks? Yes, yes, yes. Put those all in a nice bulleted list. People love content they can scan and a bullet list allows for simple scanning.

Optin Box. Over on the right-hand side of the page, you’re going to want that all-important opt-in box. Watch my previous video for a list of the 4 essential components of an optin box.

Social Proof.  Finally, you’re definitely going to want to back yourself up.  Showcase testimonial videos, social media posts or anything that will back up your claims as the solution to what your website visitor is looking for.

One quick thing to note: don’t have any navigation on the page. When people come to the page, keep their focus. Don’t let them go clicking away to other things.  Website visitors are like small children, so keep them focused, and try to drive them to that call of action.