Karin Carr: From REALTOR® to YouTube Coaching Powerhouse


Welcome to The Millionaire Maker Podcast, where I, Lindsey Anderson, a business coach for coaches, provide the latest marketing and sales strategies to help you scale your transformational coaching business online. My goal is to empower you with valuable insights and actionable advice to achieve your goals in the online coaching industry.

Today, we have the pleasure of having Karin Carr, a successful entrepreneur and YouTube sensation, as our guest. Karin’s journey from being a REALTOR® to teaching REALTORS® how to leverage YouTube for business growth has been remarkable. She has become an expert in utilizing YouTube as a core marketing strategy and has achieved tremendous success in the online coaching industry.

Key Takeaways:

Using YouTube as a Core Strategy: Karin shares her inspiring journey from being a real estate agent to building a highly successful presence on YouTube. She discovered that YouTube has immense potential for reaching and engaging her target audience, and it soon became her primary source of business. Karin now teaches REALTORS® how to effectively use YouTube to grow their own businesses.

Optimizing YouTube Presence: During our conversation, Karin discusses the different types of content that work exceptionally well on YouTube. She emphasizes the importance of creating educational, community-focused, and sales-oriented videos to attract and engage your ideal audience. By directly targeting your audience’s needs and desires, you can maximize engagement and conversions. Karin also provides invaluable strategies for building a strong community on YouTube, fostering connections, and nurturing relationships with your viewers.

Overcoming Scarcity Mindset: Karin opens up about her initial fear of hiring and the scarcity mindset that held her back. However, she highlights the transformation that occurred when she shifted her mindset from being a solopreneur to embracing delegation and building a team. Learning to step into the role of a CEO and effectively manage a growing business has been instrumental in Karin’s success and can be for yours too.

Other Important Takeaways:

YouTube Posting Frequency: Consistency is key on YouTube. Karin recommends posting content at least once a week to maintain engagement and momentum. By consistently showing up for your audience, you build trust and credibility while keeping them engaged with your valuable content.

Marketing Mastery: Karin emphasizes the importance of finding your own marketing strategies before considering outsourcing to virtual assistants or teams. It’s crucial to understand your audience, their preferences, and how to effectively reach them. Once you have a solid foundation, you can confidently delegate tasks and focus on high-value activities.

Business Transformation: Karin’s journey from being a solopreneur to adopting a CEO mindset is truly inspiring. By stepping into the role of a CEO, you take charge of your business’s growth and success. Karin’s insights and experiences will guide you in embracing your role as a visionary leader.

Success through Delegation: Karin highlights the power of hiring and building a team to free up your time for high-value tasks and strategic growth. By delegating administrative and repetitive tasks, you can focus on business development, content creation, and serving your clients. This shift enables you to scale your coaching business more effectively.

Key Quotes:

“I started a YouTube channel thinking it would be a way for me to get my name out there… and it started to work.”

“The best tactic is to do all three types of content on YouTube: educational, community-focused, and sales-oriented.”

“You have to figure out the marketing thing for yourself first… before you can hand that off to any VA or any team.”

“I sucked it up and hired a virtual assistant… it was really freeing.”

“I feel like I’m really learning how to be the CEO of this business for the first time.”

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In Conclusion:

Karin Carr’s journey from realtor to YouTube sensation exemplifies the power of leveraging YouTube as a core marketing strategy in the coaching industry. Her experiences shed light on overcoming scarcity mindset and embracing delegation, which have been instrumental in her business growth. As coaches, we can learn valuable lessons from Karin about finding our own marketing strategies, delegating tasks, and transitioning to a CEO mindset. By implementing these strategies, we can effectively scale our online coaching businesses and achieve greater success in our coaching endeavors.

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