How To Post On Social Media Like A Business Owner and Not An Influencer


In this episode of The Millionaire Maker Show, I delve into the crucial topic of how to post on social media like a business owner and not an influencer. I emphasize the significance of adopting a business mindset when it comes to your social media presence and highlight the key differences between influencer and business owner approaches.

How to Post on Social Media Like a Business Owner – Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the pitfalls of posting as an influencer: I dissect the challenges of posting solely for influence without a clear monetization plan, emphasizing the need for strategic posting.
  • The importance of having a monetization plan on social media: I stress the necessity of having a concrete plan for turning your social media presence into profit, ensuring that every post contributes to business objectives.
  • Strategies for connecting with your target audience effectively: I share actionable strategies for building genuine connections with your audience, and fostering engagement and trust.
  • Solving the confusion in targeting and messaging on social media: I provide insights into refining targeting and messaging to effectively reach and resonate with your ideal audience.
  • I emphasize the importance of educating your audience, building credibility, and including clear calls to action to drive conversions.
  • Real-life example of a social media presence without monetization: I illustrate the challenges of a social media presence lacking a monetization strategy, showcasing the need for a business-focused approach.
  • I stress the importance of honesty and transparency in marketing, building trust with your audience.
  • I acknowledge the competitive nature of the online business landscape and offer strategies for standing out.
  • I encourage you to prioritize profit-producing tasks and avoid guesswork in your business strategies.

Key Quotes:

  • “When you post like an influencer, it can be very hard to monetize that unless you have a plan.”
  • “You cannot sell to yourself. We all think we are way more brilliant than we ever are.”
  • “Part of posting on social media like a business owner and not an influencer is you are talking to your audience and you know who that is. You’re not catering to anyone else.”
  • “I tell you the truth. This is what it takes to build an online business. This is what you’re going to have to do to get out of your own way.”
  • “Stop posting like an influencer – post like a business owner.”
  • “If your clients can see themselves in your testimonials, they will buy from you.”
  • “Going viral is not a strategy.”

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Continue listening to The Millionaire Maker Show Podcast for clear, actionable strategies for online business growth. In this episode, I share insights on adopting a strategic mindset, connecting with your audience effectively, and driving conversions while posting on social media like a business owner, not an influencer.

How To Post On Social Media Like A Business Owner and Not An Influencer

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