Sales Stools: How to Get More Sales

Here at my company, Traffic and Leads, my team and I are experts on digital marketing, and we also know all the secrets to get more sales. So, what is the difference between a good idea and a good idea that makes sales?

There are three fundamental aspects to getting sales; I call it the Sales Stool.

The first leg of the stool, one that I see many entrepreneurs miss, is audience. Many people miss out on narrowing their audience because they feel their service or product could be useful to almost anyone, but driving sales means focusing on a target audience.

If your audience is spread out in more of a shotgun pattern, you risk missing out on delivering a strong message to any one type of person.

For instance, if you have a product or service that could be targeted towards a demographic like mother’s in their 30’s and you’re trying to reach men, women, and children, you’re not talking directly to the people who might actually buy from you!

This could result in a lot of people being only semi-interested in your product, and semi-interested people don’t make sales.

Targeting your product or service to a niche audience could mean the difference between a fantastic launch and a pretty good one.

Audience is just the tip of the iceberg; there are still two legs of the Sales Stool!

Where can you find the other two? If you want more help making sales, you can find the other two legs in my new Facebook Group, Traffic and Leads University.

The only catch is that you do have to apply to get access to the group. The only people I’m accepting into the group are coaches, consultants, and individuals with a service-based business looking to build a personality brand.

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