How to Get More Leads: The Sales Evangelist Podcast Episode 248

How to Get More Leads? The Sales Evangelist had me on his podcast the other day to pick my brain for some traffic and leads tips that I’ve picked up over the years.  I had a great time chatting with them and so I thought to share some of what we went over.

I got the chance to speak about my experience with Mr. Jim Palmer of the Dream Business Academy, which I would probably describe as my coolest sales experience to date.  You might remember him as one of my stellar guests on my podcast, which you can check out here.

So how to get more leads? Of course, we tucked into all the important things you have to do when trying to get more leads and drive more traffic to your site.

I always like to say that you have to put your best foot forward, because that first impression people make when they are doing research on you is so very important.  Oftentimes you only get a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, and that can make all the difference in turning a casual viewer into a potential client or customer.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say that you need to have a call to action right there on your homepage before, but that is because it is imperative.

Consider yourself an online shepherd guiding your visitors so they don’t get lost and wander off your page.

Direct them where they need to go to find the solutions to the problems that you are solving for them.  Make it irresistible and ensure it is offering something of real value.

They wanted to know some specific examples, so we discussed a few of my favourites.  I like providing value like an IV drip, where everyday for two weeks subscribers receive a bite-sized email with one super helpful tip that they can use right away.

And of course I had to mention video.  So hot right now.  People like to watch video, it’s as simple as that, and it is one of the best ways to build the know, like and trust factor.

We chatted about how to get more leads, the pros and cons of the different ways to drive prospects to your site and which channels are the most cost effective.  Whichever one you decide to choose, remember that consistency is the key.

Have a listen, there’s a ton of juicy tidbits in there.  What can I say, it’s what I do!

Enjoy the show!

how to get more leads