How to Generate More Leads and Traffic?

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share with you about my appearance on The Mumpreneur Show with Petra Jones! She was a delight to talk with. Petra asked some killer questions that will help entrepreneurs to create webpages with high conversion rates.

We kicked off the podcast with a little information about my family! I share a little bit about my three precious kids and podcasting as a mother. I told Petra that I just had a baby and didn’t even take maternity leave because of my dedication to the success of my business!

First, Petra asked me to share a bit how I got started as an entrepreneur, but I told her that I’ve actually always been an entrepreneur, even since childhood. I didn’t just babysit – I started a babysitters’ club and tried to farm out the girls! I got a government job after college in the middle of nowhere that I made a lot of money at but it was very boring so I started begging people to let me do their websites. Eventually, I got jobs building sites and started a web development company, as I decided to break away from the government job I was working at. This lead to Traffic & Leads and One-Click Lindsey, both which I run today!

We then talked about my businesses and I briefly explained what we do here at Traffic and Leads and One-Click Lindsey. I discussed the process of helping customers with their websites and the successes we have had with clients of mine.

How to Generate More Leads?

The majority of what we discussed is how to be successful with lead generation. I know that can be confusing to people who are just starting out so I shared some key principles of lead generation. These tips are assuming that you are already generating some traffic to your website (by way of blogging, Facebook ads, pay per click and so on).

You should always offer something free to visitors! Many websites are missing a lead generation component (a free whitepaper or email series, etc.)! I give tips on irresistible offers! Give away your biggest secret!

How to Generate More Traffic?

As you know, website traffic is hugely important for the success of your business page. I went over how to achieve traffic and the different ways to drive traffic to your page. I geared this toward those who are just getting started with their websites. From pay per click to blogging, I cover what it is you need to know to be successful with bringing visitors to your page.

I also shared how I helped my client who was blogging but had zero traffic. She was missing a key component to successfully blogging for generating more traffic and leads.

Petra asked me a great question about organic traffic, as well. She asked if it is still achievable this day in age. The short answer is absolutely yes and I spent some time explaining why it is so powerful. It is important to be in the number one link spot still!

Petra’s million-dollar question today was “What makes a landing page a highly converting one?” I told her that it really does depend on several things. I gave an example of a landing page I created for a webinar that had a very low, 5%, conversion rate. I made one simple change and the conversion rate soared way up! I share what my secret of success is here – the headline! I then ran through what makes landing pages successful.

Tune in to learn more! You will learn a whole lot more like:

  • How to get analytics
  • How you can dip your toe into pay per click through a free ad words campaign
  • How to optimize your website to generate more leads just from landing on our website
  • Details about Google’s upcoming penalties for pop ups
  • How to we make sure to convert your leads into sales!!!
  • Common mistakes people make when it comes to traffic and lead generation

If you’re interested in checking out what those tools are and listening to the interview, I recommend you tune into the episode!

How to generate more leads and traffic with One Click Lindsey