How to Find New Webinar Topics?

How to Find New Webinar Topics

There is no doubt that webinars do their part when it comes to B2B marketing. made research proving that 73% of marketing and sales leaders said webinars are the best way to generate quality leads. Let’s say this data works in your case and you can’t complain on the rising number of leads. But finally, there comes a point where you simply ran out of webinar topics. What would you do? How to find or make up new webinar topics? We’ll try to answer that question in the below. 

Ask your audience

Creating a survey can be a wonderful idea. This way you may easily find out about their preferences and challenges. Choosing a topic they like could help you maintain a good relationship with your audience. Everybody knows that relations are something that every community needs. You can also search among your past webinar events for unanswered questions or content you could update and repurpose. For certain you should find something what your buyers really care about.

See what’s trending

Of course, you can be inspired by major players in your industry, but make sure that your work wouldn’t be a cliché. Do a deep research on blogs and online communities where your audience is hanging out. Search through popular content and see which one is working well. You can repurpose trending topics into webinars and discuss them over with participants. You could find articles doesn’t cover the entire topic. In this case, it’s worth to finish what others have started. But why you should bring up the subject again? Because data works in your favor. According to 2019 Content Preferences Study, 63% of buyers admitted that they are willing to spend 20 to 60 minutes watching webinars rather than any other content. So again, not blog posts, not podcasts, webinars are number one.

Make your own research

Prove your expertise in a specific field. Maybe you have access to unique data from the services provided by your company. Maybe you have something to say about your business experiences? This way you have a chance to create your own masterclass. If you don’t have enough material about your experiences, you might make a topic from the stories of your co-workers. So don’t be afraid to ask your salesmen, support or marketing team about their point of view. Especially sales could add value into your webinars because salesman knows where are customers falling out of the funnel and what are their pain points like.

Create an information gap

Doesn’t matter which field you choose. You may have a conquering topic but without creating any desire to consume your webinar content you’re in no position to do your job correctly. Remember to spark emotional curiosity when comes to the subject of your webinar. Encourage people to not only read subscription of your webinar but to sign up, share it and invite others to attend.

That was our most effective tips to find new webinar topics. Remember whatever topic you choose, most depend on your preparation. Hours spend on studies and research work should finally bear fruit.