Hot Or Not Website: Does Yours Pass the Test?

Hot or Not website, does your pass the test? Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s an age-old saying, meant for us to think and perceive things beyond their exterior without prior judgment based solely on looks alone. It holds true, even in today’s age.

However, like it or not, seemingly superficial standards are still very much in play, especially in the technological world. People may be drawn to a website due to content, but they’ll be critical of it once getting there. Visitors will quickly attempt to decide if this is a “hot or not website”.

A clean, beautiful website is the best way to garner wanted attention. Let’s face it: a store that’s dirty, cluttered, and all around uncomfortable to be in might find it hard to keep the business going with the lack of customers they get. That’s based completely on the appearance of the shop. After all, if the store is a mess, how will they treat their consumers? Their employees? Chances are, not very well. When it comes to the mental “hot or not” website check, your goal is to make sure they gravitate towards the “hot”.

The outside must match the inside. To flourish and succeed in the virtual world, your look must be as well mannered and groomed as your business ideas and techniques. With so many ways to customize your website (sometimes for free!), there’s no excuse for having a messy, cluttered, and altogether unappealing website.

Are you ready to the hot or not website check on your own site? Let’s head through my list of tips together, and improve your site every step of the way.

Hot Or Not Website

The First Step of the “Hot or Not Website” Check: The CLICK Technique – “L” for “Land”

The CLICK Technique is a system I’ve developed to help lead you step-by-step through the process and attracting more traffic and leads. It’s an easy strategy that anyone can use to draw more visitors to their digital spaces and make more online sales. It’s marketing at it’s finest–simple, easy, and straightforward.

So let’s start off with what section of The CLICK Technique this article falls under. Today, my hot or not website article will come under “L” for “Land”. In order to be successful in online marketing, you need to ensure the spot your customers land is appealing. This is a crucial part of any online presence–that’s why it gets its own letter devoted to it!

Focusing on where your customers land is just as important as the content that exists there. You need to make sure that your website, social media pages, and any online platform with your name on it is in tip-top shape.

When doing the “hot or not website” analysis, you need to pass with flying colors. The CLICK Technique can help you do that! If this article helps you out, be sure to check my other articles that cover varying areas of The CLICK Technique.

Keys to the “Hot or Not Website” Test #1 – Targeting Your Audience Correctly

Do you know who will be visiting your website? If you don’t have a clear-cut picture of your intended audience, your website will likely be bound for obscurity. You can’t hope to be categorized as “hot” in the hot or not website test if you don’t know who would enjoy the content.

Have a brainstorming session (or several, as may be the case) to define an intended audience member. What gender do they identify as? Where do they work? What sort of aspirations for life do they have? Why would they be visiting your site? What sort of problems do they have, and what can your business do to fix them?

Don’t stop at making just one profile. Try to make two or three, if possible. Having one profile created will allow you to make your site focused, but there is such a thing as focusing too specifically. Several intended audience member profiles allow for a bit of diversity in your intentions.

Make sure to actually jot these notes down. When you come up against a roadblock in your website design approach, turn to your notes. Your sites layout and content will change drastically depending on who you’re trying to attract!

Targeting the correct audience is the first step to defining if you fall under “hot” in the hot or not website test. Get this down right, and you’ll have a solid base to work upward from.

Keys to the “Hot or Not Website” Test #2 – Focusing and Tightening Your Content

People aren’t lying when they say that “content is king”. The next step in pursuing a “hot” in the “hot or not website” test, is making sure your content is up to snuff. What that means is different for each site, but don’t be discouraged. Once you’ve nailed down your intended audience, creating content that will attract them is much simpler.

Focus content that will answer the questions or solve the needs or your audience. For example–when I write my articles, I write them to answer specific questions that I’ve either seen elsewhere online or been asked directly. I want to make sure I’m helping people who are looking to increase traffic to their websites, so I look to answer their specific questions. That’s part of why my website passes the “hot or not website” test!

There’s another aspect to content creation that you’ll want to keep in mind, and that’s “tightening” your material. You want to stay on track with your content, and not wander too far off topic. That means editing!

When making an article, video, image, or any other type of content, try to see the content through the eyes of your intended audience. Does it answer your questions? Is it something you’re interested in? When does the material start to “go off the rails” and start discussing a totally different topic?

If you don’t trust yourself to edit your own work, don’t worry. Everyone needs a little help in that sector from time to time! Make sure that whoever you have edit your work has an idea of your vision for the content.

Keys to the “Hot or Not Website” Test #3 – Bring the Tech Up to Speed

The tech side of your site can be tricky, but it’s imperative to get that working to consider your website “hot” in the “hot or not website” test. Here are a few tech things to keep in mind.

When is the last time you browsed the internet on your smartphone or mobile device? Chances are, if you’re anything like most of us, you spend a large amount of time on mobile websites. Make mobile compatibility a high priority on your to-do tech list. You’ll be pleased, your visitors will be thankful, and your traffic will increase. Everyone wins!

Likewise, make sure your layout is easy to navigate. There are a lot of guides on how to do this, and I highly suggest you do some deep research on this. People click through websites quickly, and if the information they’re looking for isn’t readily available, they may click away just as fast.

Your website needs clear paths of action. What actions would you like your visitors to take? Make sure there are signposts that clearly lead them that way. Of course, don’t go hiding anything on your site. If you offer something—anything, really—make sure visitors know how to get to it.

Lastly, and most importantly: make sure your website works! Nothing is worse than visitors wanting to get to your site, but finding that it’s down or unresponsive. Team up with a good website host, and check your links regularly to make sure they’re responsive. You can use Google’s Search Console to monitor errors like 404 Not Found and server errors to make sure your site is in top shape.

Keys to the “Hot or Not Website” Test #4 – Keep It Active

There’s one final key to making your website fall under the “hot” side of the hot or not website test. In order to stay visible, your website has to stay current. This means regularly updating the content, layout, and technical abilities of your site.

Each section that I’ve broken down thus far needs to be repeated regularly. Content is the most important of these, but each should be revisited more than once. Create a schedule for yourself, and stick to it. Do your want to check up on the tech side of things weekly, and post content daily? Maybe the reverse? Test out various schedules, and see what works for you.

You shouldn’t suffer due to things you can control. Your website deserves time to shine, and with so many great options, there’s no reason your website can’t have the same VIP treatment as anyone else. With these suggestions at your fingertips, you’re free to create and design the perfect website that’ll put your mark on the technological world and leave your site falling under the “hot” category of “website hot or not”.