4 Distinct Steps to Find and Hire a Copywriter Who “Sells” Your Products Online

Hire a Copywriter

Any company set out for the big market needs a firm grip on its public image. Finding a perfect candidate to share your passion with the world may not be as easy a task as it seems. So let’s talk a bit about how to ensure your marketing success and expand your team with suitable and professional copywriters.

Setting Your Expectations

Before you even start looking into possible candidates for hire, it’s essential to understand what exactly you are seeking. Make a quick outline of the most critical points in your head or better yet – write them down. What’s the general area of your work? What’s your target audience? What do you want your marketing articles to look like?

While more prominent marketing companies may have answers for some or all of those questions, working them out for yourself will really help you out down the line especially if you’re hiring freelancers.

Find and Hire a Copywriter

Finding a Copywriter Online

After you have an understanding of what exactly it is you want, it’s time to get to searching. There are probably at least a couple of local marketing agencies in your area that will be happy to provide professional copywriting services. But a lot of aspiring creators prefer their cozy home desk and flexible schedule to the confines of the office cubicles.

Both options have their own pros and cons. While companies can get you everything you want in terms of copywriting and even throw in some extra, forming a team of aspiring writers, one candidate at a time will get you a higher degree of flexibility. Pick whichever option suits your needs best or even combine the two if you have no problems managing the work of both.

Regardless of which option you decide to go with, looking for your guy on the job advertising website of your choice is usually a safe bet.

Here is another, less obvious tip for you. Try searching the line write my essay online on the web. There will be a long list of platforms preparing academic assignments. Don’t think we are luring you into something – usually, such companies gather the best experts in writing.

You can go with some testing order and later hunt the best writers, who will gladly switch to preparing copywriting texts for the purposes of your company.

Such an approach will be a win-win, as you will be dealing with top professionals and bring some diversity into their workload.

Hiring the Best

So you’ve found a couple of candidates you think would fit your requirements. Now how do you select the one who’ll get the job?

Test articles are a great way to gauge the proficiency of any writer. Give them a topic, some specific requirements, and a deadline. The end result will tell you all you need to know about the skill and abilities of the person.

Try to make the task similar to the ones they’ll be facing when writing for you. Here’s a checklist of bare minimum specifications you should provide.

  • Word Count

Usually, around 600 words are enough to tell if a person can write. You can go over that amount but be careful not to turn it into a 10-page essay. Remember, you’ll have to read through it, and if there are lots of applications you’ll find yourself bogged down in no time;

  • Tone

Any writer should be able to follow a tone. Think of how do you want your potential customers to be addressed. Will it be formal or friendly, insistent, or laid back? Pay attention to the ability to meet the requirement when you receive a finished article. It is a measure of how well a copywriter is handling your directions.

  • Deadline

This one is probably one of the most important criteria. Being able to deliver the work in time and meet the deadline is extremely important in any field. Copywriting is not an exception. A day or two should be sufficient for a small 600-words article.

Besides setting specific basic requirements and making sure your candidate is following those it can also be a good idea to see if they can write well enough about all the little nooks and crannies of a specific topic. When it comes to particular areas (especially technical ones), give them a subject that would require some knowledge or in-depth research.

And if technical know-how isn’t the issue, you can go somewhere creative! An engaging and unusual theme will let you see how flexible the writer is. Try to be as specific as possible. If you are stumped, you can always use various online resources for templates and inspiration.

Managing a Team of Copywriters

When managing a team of copywriters, you have to think of a couple of different things at once. First and foremost, one should be your own satisfaction with the direction of their work. Are they doing what you want and how you want? Are the deadlines followed?

Keeping your hand on the pulse of what’s going on, you will be able to provide efficient feedback to your team in order to improve their performance. Do not hesitate to point out something you don’t like or want to change. Receiving comments will not only help your copywriters to work on their mistakes but will also motivate them to write better.

The flexibility of freelance workers allows adjusting your team according to your needs. The remote nature of the job means there are always people hanging out waiting for an opportunity to make use of their skills and passion.

When it comes to conditions of work, copywriting is one of the least demanding occupations out there. Today a writer can work from one’s desk, and if you are set on getting a result rather than following old-school rules, this format will be your best bet.

However, this modern, laid back style doesn’t mean discipline goes out of the window. To maintain efficiency, find a resource that will allow you to interact with your team online directly without the need for time-consuming calls or a middle man. A modern approach will ensure your success and will always get you ahead in any competition.

Managing a Team of Copywriters

Final Words

Finding and hiring the right person to become your copywriter may not be an easy task, but the fruits the proper choice can bear will amaze you. Explore different platforms, give relevant test tasks, and lead your marketing strategy to the new heights.

There may be a few pitfalls on the road, but the niche is full of people eager to work, and your right candidate is definitely somewhere there waiting for you!