When it comes to using Facebook for your advertising needs, there’s a bit of a mystery around the Facebook Advertising Myth. People often think that they can find the perfect ad, the perfect sequence, and rake in the benefits without any hard work. They’re told this by people who follow a practice called BRO Marketing, which confuses people into thinking that there’s not much work that goes into the marketing process.

BRO Marketing, which stands for boiler room marketing, is something that is popular among the entrepreneurial field of digital marketing. It follows the notion that you don’t really need a good product, or any product at all, in order to make money and become successful. Regardless of what the idea is overall, BRO Marketing puts the integrity of all digital marketers at stake. It fools people into thinking that you can use funnels and sequences to get what you want, when the truth is that digital marketing is not a “one size fits all” category.

That’s the issue with the Facebook Advertising Myth. When it comes to ads, and ad spend, people tend to think that making one ad to run over and over again will enable success to trickle down. Facebook is even more peculiar, due to the fact that some days just aren’t the same as others. For example, an advertisement that works for one week won’t always work beyond that week. The same could be said for one month, or even one day. These funnels that create quick advertisements are good in theory, and can certainly give you practice when it comes to creating templates. However, when it comes to longevity, you’ll often find yourself stuck back at the beginning of the process when the ad stops running.

In the end, there is no perfect solution. BRO Marketing threatens what you can do as a marketer, and the Facebook Advertising Myth that it plays into the process only threatens to complicate things further. Put in the time and effort into creating a Facebook ad that you know you can work with, and always be willing to change what you’re saying and the angle that you’re saying it from. You’ll find the results speak for themselves when elbow grease is applied!