Traffic and Leads Podcast: Establish Credibility an an Authority

Establish Credibility

How do you establish yourself as a credible authority?  Steve Kidd with Thrive Business Development has a few tips, including getting interviewed on major networks and having a “best-selling” book.  Steve can help you achieve all of that!


  • The importance of being seen on major media outlets and how this can establish credibility.
  • How being published on Amazon and achieving best-seller status can help you establish credibility.
  • Insider marketing secrets regarding book publishing.
  • How having a book on Amazon creates credibility in the mind of your audience.
  • The relationship between credibility and traffic and leads.
  • What a sizzle reel is and why you need one.
  • How to get powerful media outlet icons on you website like ABC and NBC to help you build credibility.
  • The number one roadblock that potential authors and entrepreneurs face.

Listen in here:  Establish Credibility as an Authority with Steve Kidd

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