Your Email Marketing Open Rate

A successful email marketing campaign is one of the best ways to generate new sales. Today’s #WhatIsWedneday we will discuss a great way to judge how well your email marketing campaign is working, Email Marketing Open Rate.

Email Marketing Open Rate measures how many people on your email list actually opened (or viewed) the email you sent. For those of you who don’t manage your email campaigns via an email management system (such as MailChimp), I recommend running your campaigns through software like this so you can track open rates and other valuable statistics.

I’m sure your next question is, “Lindsey, what is an average open rate?” This, my friends, is something I do not have an answer for because it depends on who you are marketing to, when you send your email, the size of your list, how you obtained that list and a million zillion other variables. However, I am comfortable in saying that if your open rate is between 20% and 40% your probably in a pretty average neighborhood. How many people opened your last marketing email? Using a email management system that will tell you your Email Marketing Open Rate, you’ll know.

Email Marketing - Open Rate