Double Opt-in Is A Bag Full Of Gold

I’ve mentioned before how important a good email list is for your business.  Every email that gets added to your list is bright sparkle rising up out of the sand as you pan for gold.  It makes sense to scoop up every sparkle you see then, right?  Well, a double opt-in is a process for making a user work just a little bit harder before they can be added to your mailing list.  Why you want to do that will be explained in today’s #whatiswednesday.

double opt in

A double opt-in is a vey popular process for collecting emails that basically follows these steps:

1) User fills in their e-mail address (typically in return for some sort of irresistible offer).

2) User receives an email that asks if they are SUPER-DUPER sure that they want to be on your email list.

3) User clicks on the link to confirm that they want to be included on the list.

4) User is added to the list.

So, why the extra step?  If we want to build our e-mail list, isn’t this going to cut down on the number of sign-ups dramatically?  Yes, and that’s a good thing, because the people who are on your list are going to be the people that really are wanting to hear from you!  1000 emails for people that don’t really want to hear from you is not as valuable as 10 emails for people who are really interested in what you have to sell.    There are a few more reasons to require a double opt-in, check them out in this cool article.

Do a double opt-in, make people jump through one more hoop to get added to your e-mail list.  When all is said and done, you’ll have a bag that’s full of gold rather then a bag that is mostly sand.