Do You Like My Name?

Ian and I join Jeff, our personal trainer, for a Zoom workout every weekday morning at 6:30 AM. At one point, while Jeff was seemingly devising the next tortuous set, he said:

“Hey Lindsey, while you’re guzzling that water and trying to desperately remember why you actually PAY for this torture, let me ask what you think about this name for my new coaching program…”

He told me the name, and I did my burpees in silence (partially because I was focusing on not dying)…

I didn’t think the name was going to be effective, and I was hesitant to tell him because unlike my clients, he hasn’t signed up for the shockingly direct nature that I have when I coach and consult on issues such as these.

I caught my breath and responded with, “I think it could be better. Here are a few things to consider… go do a proper brainstorm sesh, and come back with more ideas.”

He sopped up my feedback with appreciation and excitement and told me he would report back tomorrow.


The burpees were finally over, and I was pretty happy about Jeff’s reaction—and I’ll tell you why…

I’ve had a few run-ins with folks that have tunnel vision with the name of their programs.

They wrap their vision, inspiration, experience, and expectations for their coaching program right into the name. It all becomes ONE, and it can be very difficult to have an open mind and be coachable.  

It feels almost like they are naming their child… and honestly, nobody wants “REAL” feedback on their child’s name! #amiright 

Truth be told, I know I’ve felt this way about several of my program names and have to remind myself that I AM NOT MY CUSTOMER, and the more feedback I have, the more effective my message will be.

The takeaway?

Watch for that as you ask your friends and family for feedback on your program names; they certainly won’t want to tell you that your baby’s name is dreadful.

Ask people who will give you their REAL opinion and when they give it to you, accept it, add it to your knowledge bank, and try to drop your defensiveness.

Easier said than done, right? The process of getting blunt feedback of your program name can be unpleasant… even with Jeff.  

In fact, tomorrow morning, I’ll find out if he really is cool about my lack of love for his program name. If the workout consists of several hundred squats, I guess I’ll know.