How to Develop Trust Through Digital Marketing

Though it may be hard to believe, being able to develop trust through digital marketing isn’t always as easy as it could be. As personable as I can be—and trust me, I’m a nice person—the moment the word ‘marketer’ leaves my mouth, people instantly become wary of my entire personality.

We know that being a marketer requires a level of being able to sell to people, sometimes products they don’t think they need until we explain to them just how easier we can make their lives if they just give us a chance. However, using that motive of being nice and trustworthy to get people to buy things from us can come off as manipulative or fake, and the way people can be cautious of us makes sense when you think about it from their perspective.

So what can we do to make things right? How can we develop trust through digital marketing, and is there even such a thing as a true channel of communication between us, the marketers, and our audience that doesn’t leave them in the dark? Though it may seem like it’s not entirely possible to get things going, I’m here to tell you different. You can get people to trust you, your brand, and what you have to say. It just takes a little bit of work, and some inspiration from Harvard graduates to get the job done.

In order to knock away the doubt, suspicion, paranoia, and all around uneasiness that people can feel around marketers, we need to make sure that we build up certain parts of ourselves. It’s important for us to have credibility—both in what we say and what we do. Next, we need to have an aura of being reliable so we can prove to our clients that having dedication to what we do always puts them first. Lastly, we need to bring a bit of intimacy to our business relationships.

Being open and honest with our customers gives them an understanding of who we are outside of the marketing label, and combining these three together can give you an idea of how to develop trust through digital marketing!