Decide To Be a Superhero

Every morning for the past 3 months, my 2-year-old son has decided to be a super-hero.  What does that mean?  He refuses to wear anything other than one of the half-dozen super-hero themed shirts we have purchased at Wal-Mart (his grandparents have bought him adorable shirts from Gymboree, but despite my pleading, they have remained in the closet).  He has abandoned his own name, insisting that everybody (family, friends, teachers, people on the street) address him with the name of whatever character is on the shirt he’s wearing.  He also alters his voice, asking my husband how a particular hero talks, and doing his best to mimic it (my personal favorite is the low voice he dons to shout “I’m Batman!”).  Cute, eh?  Well, I’m not here to tell you a cute story, I’m here to tell you why my son is what all of you entrepreneurs should be aspiring to be.

Be A Super Hero

When you’re starting a new business or a social-media campaign, it’s easy to feel like you’re unstoppable.  You’re excited, you’re motivated, you’re convinced there is no way you can fail.  You bound out of bed every morning, excited to get one step closer to the freedom, prosperity and joy that your growing business is going to bring.  However, all too often, doubt creeps in and momentum is lost.  Sales are stagnant, nobody seems to be engaging with your social-media posts, and your hard work seems to be producing very little.  Soon, the temptation to give up has overwhelmed your excitement and motivation, and your great ideas are abandoned.

My son has decided he’s a super-hero every single day for months now.  recite-nlipit He still cannot fly.  He has yet to thwart a super villain.  He constantly has to remind everybody that he needs to be called by his super-hero name.  Not only that, but my husband and I are actively trying to get him to quit, and put on a cute shirt and just be our little boy.  Despite a frustrating lack of forward momentum towards his ultimate goal, he shows no sign of quitting.  Right now, I’m washing all of his shirts (except the Spider-man one he’s currently wearing) so that he’ll be ready to tackle the week.  And that is my advice to all of you.  Wake up every day, and decide to be a super-hero.

Running your own business, or conducing a social-media campaign to help generate leads, are long and slow endeavors.   Persistence is the key to success.  Every day, tell yourself, “today, I am going to be a superhero,” especially on the days you don’t feel like it.  Always continue to make cold calls and create your social-media content.  I’ve seen people have huge success using content-marketing on social media and utilize search-engine optimization to get business leads.  Both of these excellent strategies take a lot of time and effort and I’m constantly having to remind my customers that these strategies will work, but only if they stick with it.  The people that have my son’s persistence (or should I say stubbornness) are the ones who succeed.

So there you have it, the lesson you can learn from a two-year-old with an over-active imagination!  Now that I’ve been Wonder-Woman and done my social-media content for the day, I’m going to go upstairs and help my son stop imaginary bad-guys.  Why don’t you join us and decide to be a hero?  (Low, gravelly voice is optional)

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