Traffic and Leads Podcast: Create A Podcast

I had the opportunity to interview Miss Jessica Rhodes, a young lady who knows a lot about the art of podcasting.  In our interview on this episode of the Traffic and Leads Podcast, Jessica outlines why creating your own podcast will generate more traffic and leads for your small business.   This episode has a lot of great info you can use to create a podcast if the idea is new to you, and resources for improving your existing content and streamlining your process. Listen in here.

Create A Podcast


  • The power of creating a podcast and what it can do for a small business.
  • Create a podcast and generate traffic and leads for your business.
  • The costs involved in producing your own podcast.
  • Elements of a good podcast and how to package it in a way that will attract your audience.
  • Why having a podcast can make you more marketable as a guest on another podcast.
  • Why new media is where you should be marketing your business.
  • Reasons to use a booking agent for your PR and promotion and a trick to use if you are just getting started and more!