Cold Market Prospecting: The 2 Key Steps It Takes To Succeed

cold market prospecting

Marketing, in general, is a multi-step process that requires our hard work and dedication to see things through to completion. We know this, we’ve practiced it, and we’re still tinkering with the very best ways to achieve the results we want. However, with all the focus we put on marketing, have we been ignoring something […]

How to Blend Online and Offline Marketing Effectively

Some people praise offline marketing, and some swear by online marketing. But what if the two could work together? Today, I’m here to convince you that online and offline marketing work best when paired together. Not only that, but I’m going to give you tips and tricks to get you started. For too long, online […]

DIY Online Marketing: How to Succeed When Doing It Yourself

How to Succeed in DIY Online Marketing

Marketing: some people love to do it, some people hate to do it, but every business needs it. Online marketing is in even greater demand as businesses struggle to be seen among thousands. DIY online marketing IS possible. You don’t necessarily need an expert to juggle and maintain all your online marketing needs. It does, […]

SumoMe Review: What can the WordPress SumoMe plugin do for you?

SumoMe Review: What can the WordPress SumoMe plugin do for you?

WordPress is a dream come true for a lot of internet marketers. It allows non-techies do a lot of technical things.  A WordPress plugin called SumoMe promises a FREE version that will help you build your list all with the click of a button.  Is it true or do they just want you to upgrade? […]

How To Close A Sale From The Beach

Have you ever heard those “lifestyle stories” of entrepreneurs sitting on a beach drinking Mai Tais while their business is generating millions of dollars? You’re probably thinking they are living the good live because they’ve turned over the day-to-day operation of drumming up sales to an employee, but that’s not always the case.  Find out […]

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Email List Grow?

growing an email list

It’s important for all small businesses find importance in growing an email list.  Did you know it can be a lot like gardening? After moving to Portland last year, I decided it was time to finally take after my mother, and grow a beautiful garden.  In the past, I’ve been known to have a bit […]

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website: My Top 10 List

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

How to get organic traffic to your website? Everyone wants to know how to get more eyes on their site. When we pour a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into a website for our business, it’s essential that it succeeds. You’re likely here for the same reason: to learn how to get traffic to […]

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing Automation

email marketing automation

For most people, daily email marketing automation is an idea that makes them nervous more than anything else. People are weary of daily content if only because they don’t want to bother their audience or bombard them with their presence over and over again. However, what people fail to realize is how beneficial daily content […]

White Paper Format: Bringing Your White Paper To Life

White Paper Format

Here we are, in the middle of our series on “how to write a persuasive white paper.”  This series will help you dig in and create a high-quality, lead generating white paper designed to dazzle your readers.   If you missed the previous two segments, White Paper Marketing and White Paper Title, don’t forget to give […]