Today, we’re diving into the emotional cycle of business, making strategic decisions for growth and scalability, and discussing the unique challenges of being an online entrepreneur. I’ll emphasize the importance of sticking to a strategy and system, and recognizing and managing emotional patterns in business. 

How to Prepare Your Business for the Ups & Downs Coming in the Next 3 Months – Key Takeaways:

The Emotional Cycle of Business:

Handling the Valley of Despair:

Acting Unbothered:

The Launch Cycle:

VIP Client Success:

Key Quotes:

Resources Mentioned:


Embrace and understand the emotional cycles in business. Recognize the importance of resilience and a long-term perspective. Adopt an unbothered attitude to maintain calm and productivity. Strategic planning and consistent efforts are key for lasting success. Use the next six weeks to prepare for the fall sales peak. Join my upcoming free LIVE masterclass for more actionable strategies and insights.