Welcome to The Millionaire Maker Show! I’m Lindsey Anderson, your host, and as a business coach for coaches with over 20 years of experience, I’m excited to bring you valuable insights on dominating sales calls for high-ticket coaching programs.

The Importance of High-Ticket Sales Calls for Coaches:

In this episode, we’ll explore the significance of sales calls for generating high-quality leads and growing your coaching business. Intimacy is a key factor in selling high-ticket coaching programs, as clients need to feel a connection and trust with you. Additionally, we’ll highlight the impact of higher conversion rates on your revenue and overall business growth.

The Impact of High-Converting Sales Calls – A Client Story:

We cover a compelling client success story of a leadership coach who transformed her sales calls, leading to significant improvements in her business. Discover the power of asking probing questions and understanding your clients’ real needs and goals, which can have a profound impact on your sales call success rates.

The Art of Selling Yourself as a Coach:

As a coach, believing in the value you provide and confidently pricing your services is crucial. Cultivate assertiveness and a strong presence during sales calls to build trust with your prospects. We also discuss the importance of adopting a growth mindset, which can enhance your conversion rates and overall success.

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Sales Call:

Learn how to prepare for your sales calls by researching the prospect and setting a clear agenda. Hosting sales calls on the phone allows for increased intimacy and focus on your prospect’s needs. During the Discovery Phase, we delve into asking the right questions to understand your prospect’s pain points, goals, and motivations. In the Prescription Phase, you’ll discover how to customize your value proposition and present a personalized coaching program. We’ll also cover handling objections with confidence and navigating through moments of silence. Finally, we’ll discuss effective strategies for closing the call and maintaining engagement through follow-up.

Leveraging ChatGPT for Sales Call Success:

Unlock the power of ChatGPT as a valuable tool in creating a customized sales script that aligns with your style and high-ticket coaching program. Discover how ChatGPT can enhance your communication and value proposition during sales calls, leading to more successful outcomes.

Q&A from the Audience:

Your questions matter! Feel free to submit questions for future episodes, and in this episode, I’ll answer one from the audience related to high-ticket sales calls.


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Remember, your success as a coach starts with dominating the art of high-converting sales calls. Keep coaching, keep thriving, and thank you for being part of our community.