The Secret Ingredient: Building Trust And Credibility in Business

I’ve been talking about this for a little bit now, but it certainly bears worth repeating: building trust and credibility is one of the best ways you can find success with your clients. Customers are more willing to take their business to people they know they can trust, and making sure that you’re available and accessible when it comes to that is imperative in your long term marketing success.

However, building trust and credibility can be an easier said than done situation. Being able to be trustworthy means that you have to care about more than just sales when it comes to getting the job done. On top of getting to know your customers, you need to make sure that the connection you establish is nurtured over time. You can’t drop the ball once the sale has closed; you need to make sure that you’re in it for the long haul. That’s how you get more people to come to you through things like reviews and word of mouth.

Additionally, when it comes to building trust and credibility, you want to make sure that you’re professional. Often, you’ll see people on their websites with small media icons next to their name. With logos from places like NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, you instantly trust that this person is good at their job. After all, if they’ve worked with and have been mentioned on any of those top media outlets, they have to be top tier at what they do.

With those media icons, people instantly trust that you’re good at your job, and they want to work with you. And you can get those icons yourself! If you work with me through The Trusted Business Owner, I can connect you to a stream of over 300 media outlets, all of which have connections and are affiliated with those top tier media sources. From writing your story to making sure that these sources are valid, you can get those media icons up on your website, too. The entire process makes the idea of building trust and credibility easily attainable!