Boosting Traffic and Leads On Your Website

17 Secrets of Boosting Traffic and Leads on Your Website:

Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Ovation Social’s The Standing O Show podcast by Marc Smith. During the interview, I reveal 17 secrets on how anyone can boost their website’s traffic and leads.

Marc asked some really interesting questions, like how changing the way I thought was able to help me through my start as an entrepreneur, what my thoughts are on using podcasting as a marketing tool, and of course, some of the best ways you can boost a website’s traffic and leads!

If you were curious about how I got my moniker, One-Click Lindsey. Why I created the Traffic and Leads podcast, you’re in luck! Marc inquired about these, as well as how my fascination with traffic & leads generation began (hey, what can I say? It’s pretty interesting stuff!).

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I believe that the questions that Marc asked were so insightful. His questions allowed me to really get to the heart of why traffic and leads generation is so important.

I discussed how useful Facebook Lead ads are and why they are the best way to increase traffic. On top of that, I share my tips on how you can use Google to enhance your keyword research and why when you are creating links on your site, you should always point back to your site.

I fully recommend checking out the episode right now. If you want to find out my top secrets on increasing your traffic and leads to your website!

Boosting Traffic and Leads On Your Website