5 Effective Blogger Outreach Services Strategy You Should Be Using

Blogger Outreach Services Strategy

In the past few years, Blogger Outreach Services has overtaken Guest Posting Services to become the top SEO strategy. Blogger Outreach is the process of identifying bloggers and influencers in an industry niche and requesting them to publish content on their platforms or websites.

This helps the brand reach out to new audiences, improve its valuable backlinks count, drive website traffic and build credibility. You can say that bloggers are like reviewers. This means that they command substantial influence and authority over the decision-making powers of their audiences.

Even though most brands, agencies, and SEOs aware of the benefits and advantages of Blogger Outreach Services, very few of them know how to run it in an optimum fashion. In this article, we will at 5 Effective Blogger Outreach Strategies that drive real results. We will also look at why blogger outreach is becoming so successful in recent times.

5 Effective Blogger Outreach Services Strategy: The List

1. Have a Strategic Plan of Action, which is Result Oriented

Brands and agencies often end up diluting the benefits of Blogger Outreach. Are you trying to gain backlinks, or drive traffic or run some high-performance sales and lead generation campaigns? It is important to set out the goals and priorities in order.

There would be very few instances where you will be able to get all the above benefits from one common publisher. This is why it is important to set the objectives of the strategy and proceed accordingly.

Once you have done that, you will see that you will start filtering out bloggers according to your end goals. Do not try to achieve too many things at one go. Proceed cautiously and track your progress at all times.

2. Personal Outreach and No Email Templates

Being someone who owns and manages different content publishing platforms, I can safely say that nothing irritates a blogger more than a template email. Bloggers are professionals who are always working with tens of brands and agencies at the same time.

If you are serious about pursuing an engagement, the least you can do is not use an email template. It is important that you understand the blogger and his website. See what s/he talks about and what kind of content s/he publishes.

Make the outreach in a personalized email and be earnest in what is it that you are expecting. Be direct; tell them about your requirements. Mention what you can offer them in return. Once they know that you are serious, you will hear back from them.

3. Always pursue long-term engagements and commitments

Most blogger outreach services strategies fail as brands and SEOs do not engage with the blogger over a period. They work on a case-to-case basis, which prevents them from nurturing relationships. If you want to be an authority when it comes to providing blogger outreach services, maintain, nurture and engage with bloggers over a period.

The best agencies maintain a database of thousands of bloggers in different industry niches. They work with them on a routine basis and cultivate long-standing relationships. It is this relationship, which will help you get extra social shares, Newsletter mentions, and other add-ons.

4. Work through a Blogger Outreach Services Agency rather than going Solo

I have seen so many brands and companies set up their own teams only to fail miserably at Blogger Outreach. They fail to realize that working with a blogger outreach services agency is much better in terms of cost-effectiveness, on-time delivery, and professionalism.

Bloggers are comfortable working with agencies rather than with single brands. Due to the grey nature of such activities, they feel much safer working with faces and people they know. In terms of costs, agencies can bring down the costs and ensure affordability.

Agencies also help in negotiations, following up with bloggers and getting certain add-one free of cost. This is highly beneficial for brands. As agencies give numerous orders to bloggers, it is difficult for them to renege on their promises and deliveries.

5. Be Grateful for the Service and Acknowledge the same

Bloggers are not entities, which you can use and then simply forget. I have often seen that some brands simply forget about acknowledging them once a task is completed. By doing this you are simply burning bridges and eliminating all chances of working with the blogger in the future.

It is important to send emails and thank bloggers for publishing your content even if there is a price involved. Being authoritative entities in the industry, bloggers can make or break the biggest of brands.

Some bloggers and reviewers command millions of followers on social media and websites. Imagine a negative comment or review about your brand. I have seen brands lose up to millions of dollars in valuation simply because they ended up being on a blogger’s hate list


There is no doubt that Blogger Outreach Services is one of the most sought after digital marketing strategies of 2019. In the coming years, I can only see it becoming bigger. The niche that bloggers enjoy is bigger and more commanding then guest posting sites.

The influence that they command over their audiences and their buying powers cannot be ignored by brands. Bloggers have also transformed their operations. They are venturing into social media and are becoming social media influencers.

This means that both ‘search’ and ‘social’ are being influenced by reputable bloggers in the industry. If you are a brand, who wants to leverage blogger outreach, now is the perfect time to do so. By following the five points in the list, you will make sure that you are getting the maximum returns from your blogger outreach services strategy.

Do you think Blogger Outreach Services is gaining pre-eminence over Guest Posting Services in recent times? Let us know in the comments section below.