21 Best Online Video Editors in 2022

It’s no secret that the future of digital marketing relies on video. Facebook Live, YouTube, and Instagram are just the beginning when it comes to the ways that business owners can reach out to their audience through an entirely new, yet extremely popular medium. Therefore, if you’re looking to get into the next big wave of the marketing trend, you’ll need to have some of the best online video editors under your belt. There are people who’ve been working with video for years that swear by the tried and true classics, but ensuring that accessibility plays a part is just as important as functionality.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Going into a new year of marketing, you truly want the best of the best online video editors. When you’re on the go, making sure that your work can be saved, edited, and catered to your exact needs is imperative when you’re a business owner. After all, the content you create and curate to your customers speaks to your brand, and your brand can’t be anything less than what they’ve come to expect. Let these programs help you on your journey into video marketing, and ensure that you’ve got one of the best online video editors going into a new marketing year!

1: ClipChamp


An overall tool that allows you to create and upload online, ClipChamp is easily among the best online video editors. ClipChamp gives you plenty of options when it comes to video editing, including trimming, cutting, speed control, and cropping! Additionally, ClipChamp allows you to add text, music, and filters to enhance the quality and overall appearance of the video content you’ve created! With plugins that make it easy to upload to things like WordPress as well, ClipChamp and it’s multiple pricing packages are certainly worth checking out.

2: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

One of the most well-known companies that specialize in video and photo editing is Adobe. Therefore, it makes complete sense that their version of video editing, Adobe Spark, is among the best online video editors and marketer can use. The accessibility of Spark allows you to create a piece of content in moments, and sharing said content across social media is even easier! Mobile friendly, as well as offering a free package for beginners, Adobe Spark allows you to create professional images, clips, and more with simply a touch.

3: DaVinci Resolve 15

Davinci Resolve

One of the best online video editors should be able to combine the power of offline editing with online editing for maximum efficiency. That’s exactly what DaVinci Resolve 15 offers. With advanced trimming, speed effects, and a curved timeline editor that allows you to add frames for nearly any plugin, DaVinci Resolve 15 aims to be a tier above the rest. Combined with Fusion technology, the limits are endless. Achieve professional-level video at the tips of your fingers wherever you are with DaVinci Resolve 15.

4: Blender


Video editing is the crux of video marketing. However, why stop there? Blender is one of the best online video editors, as well as being an all-around superb video construction software. For the more creative types, Blender allows you to create animation, render 3D photos, and so much more. Blender lets you flex your creative juices and gives you a chance to create content that’s truly unique. Additionally, Blender works as a video editor as well, allowing you to upload and trim with ease. For brands looking for a graphic design edge, Blender could be the option for you.

5: Shotcut


What’s better than having one of the best online video editors? One that’s entirely free. Shotcut offers business owners the chance to have premiere video editing services without paying a single cent. It’s true! With a foundation that supports a wide variety of audio and video formats, Shotcut works with any video you might have created. Additionally, it’s sleek interface makes learning the ropes around Shotcut easier than you’d expect. With something that has as many bells and whistles as video editing, keeping it simple can sometimes be the best option. Give Shotcut a try and see what it’s like!

6: Media 100

Media 100

In a world that struggles with Mac vs PC, Media 100 makes the lives of all Apple users that much easier. As one of the best online video editors, Media 100 syncs perfectly with your Apple devices, allowing you to enjoy video editing with ease. Professional details allow you to embellish your video content with titles, effects, and background music that bring the content you’re creating together. Additionally, Media 100 supports an array of video files, making it easier than ever to upload exactly what you need without worrying about needing a conversion.


Video Soft Dev

Another free tool is VSDC, a software that still rises above to be one of the best online video editors. A free video editor, VSDC also allows you to record your screen for free, allowing you to capture much-needed content for educational purposes. Additionally, VSDC allows you to record content on external devices, say a high-quality camera, and import it to their software device immediately. By cutting out the process of saving, uploading, and sometimes converting your files into something that’s compatible, VSDC brings you the easiest tools at no price!

8: Kizoa


Kizoa is an all in one tool that allows you to create the video, images, and montages of the best content you have. Kizoa speaks directly to business owners, stating that they’ve got all the tools you’ll need to create high profile videos that suit your brand and your customers. With high-quality results, editing tools that allow you to create some of the best content from what you’ve created yourself, and the wiggle room to be creative and express your brand’s message, Kizoa is easily among the best online video editors. Additionally, Kizoa is available as an app for your smartphone! Edit on the go and create content from anywhere with simple yet effective tools.

9: Splice

Splice App

Sometimes, business owners don’t have time to crack open their laptop and dedicate hours to video editing scheduled content. Luckily, we live in the future and things like Splice are here to help make our lives that much easier. A mobile based app, Splice allows you to control video editing from your smartphone. Optimized for mobile design, the best online video editor offers a chance for you to import high-quality video from your Apple devices. From there, simple yet professional editing tools allow you to snip and create content with ease. With a library full of free music as well, Splice is perfect for the marketer on the go.

10: WeVideo

We Video

With access to an entire stock library of images and music, WeVideo is easily one of the best online video editors in the game. With the ability to create, record, and upload from anywhere, WeVideo makes it easy to create top tier content without worry. The simple and easy to use interface allows you to understand the process easier, as the world of editing and software can overwhelm beginners. Additionally, you’re in control with creativity! Texts, music, graphics, and more are at the tip of your fingers, letting you express the message you’re trying to send without worrying.

11: Hippo Video

Hippo Video

Hippo Video takes the process of digital marketing and makes it accessible to all kinds of video content. With ease, Hippo Video can create email campaigns that allow you to use videos in the messages you send. Through those videos, you can cater content directly to both warm and cold leads, allowing you to generate more market while you’re flexing some creative muscles. Additionally, Hippo Video allows you to create a video landing page! By bringing in new customers with the fastest growing trend in digital marketing, it’s easy to see why Hippo Video is one of the best online video editors in the game.

12: Movavi Video Editor 15

Movavi Video Editor 15

A professional option that’s made for beginners to operate, Movavi Video Editor 15 is clearly among the best online video editors. With hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to texts, graphics, video transitions and effects that bring your video content to life, Movavi Video Editor is made for business owners everywhere to achieve high-end results. Additionally, the Movavi Effect Store is constantly updated with new products and options, allowing you to expand and improve upon the work you’re already creating.

13: Wideo


Sometimes, video content isn’t about what you’ve captured, but what you can create. With Wideo—one of the best online video editors—creating fun and engaging animated videos specifically for marketing is easier than ever. Choose from a handful of templates that can speed up the process, making it possible to create a completely professional piece in just five minutes! With templates that allow you to show clients just how easy it is to use your business, Wideo makes the interface of the software extremely user-friendly. At the same time, the content you’re creating is entirely customer-based, allowing you to truly create an experience for old and new consumers!

14: Magisto


A certified partner of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, Magisto is a tier above the rest when it comes to the best online video editors. Advertised as a video marketing software that allows you to create content as quickly as you can write a blog post, Magisto makes the task of video creation simple and efficient. Once you’ve created the video you wish to share, you can use Magisto’s omni-channel video marketing distribution platform to spread your message across as many social media accounts as you want!

15: Avidemux


Video editing can be an arduous task, and sometimes, you need to keep things simple to get the best possible results. Available and compatible with a variety of computers and video files, Avidemux is a free-to-use editor that has the intended purpose of trimming, filtering, and encoding tasks! Though it looks plain to the eye, one of the best online video editors needs to be able to complete the most important tasks of video creation. Avidemux has an easy-to-use interface that makes the beginning and the most crucial part of the editing process easy and effective!

16: HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express

Enabling marketers to learn the tools of the editing trade is important, seeing as video marketing is the future of strategies and campaigns. HitFilm Express is one of the best online video editors by giving you access to some of the best video editing software you can use! Advertised towards beginners, HitFilm Express gives you the professional quality of high-class video editing, under the incredible deal of paying nothing for access towards these amazing effects and tutorials!

17: Filmora9


Video marketing is something that’s catching on across the digital marketing scene. With the field suddenly growing the way it is, you want to make sure that the content you create can stand out among the rest. Give your brand a splash of creativity with Filmora9, one of the best online video editors. By combining intuitive features that allow you to edit and trim the content you have with creative features that allow you to provide filters, effects, text graphics, and even green screen editing, Filmora9 gives you the chance to combine efficiency with creativity. Let your brand shine through and express the message you want to send!

18: OpenShot


An award-winning open source software, OpenShot is clearly among the best online video editors. The list of what OpenShot can do for you is seemingly unending. Available across multiple platforms and in multiple languages, OpenShot provides top tier video editing software for free! Enjoy amazing features, including audio tracks that are sure to add flavor to your content, as well as video effects that can turn any quality of video into something incredible. With a simple-to-use interface to integrate these things together, it’s easy to see why OpenShot is among the very best.

19: KdenLive


Aimed towards the Linux platform, Kdenlive makes video editing accessible towards everyone. Kdenlive is actually an acronym, standing for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor! Described as more powerful than linear editing, Kdenlive allows you to be organizational during the process and is intended for those who have a handle on the entirety of the video editing process. Features include plugins that allow video effects, as well as sound processing. Create something professional from the comfort of your Linux with Kdenlive.

20: Lightworks


A video editor that’s been around for 25 years is Lightworks. Touted by companies all around the world, Lightworks gives you some of the best tools. Its uses are limitless, allowing you to create content that’s fit for YouTube, as well as high-quality content you can share on your own website to promote engagement with your clients. With royalty free audio that allows you to add something new to your content and no external fees, Lightworks gives you the chance to create something movie worthy.

21: VEED


One software that teaches you how to create a multitude of marketing videos as you use it is VEED. With specific templates that show you how to create videos for social media, videos that take memes and turn them into leads, and videos that allow you to create online ads, VEED is multifaceted. With an additional set of powerful tools that allow you to customize the content you’re creating—like text, stickers, and the ability to add subtitles to anything you create—VEED is above the rest, and certainly one of the best online video editors.  

The Best Online Video Editors: Get Creative and Reach Out

Video marketing is quickly on the rise. With how popular Facebook Live has become, using that amazing content in a video you can blast to your email list is a campaign that can’t be missed. In order to create some of the most professional looking and valuable videos, you need to have one of the best online video editors in order to create the content that will resonate with your clients. Take a tip from this list and find something that not only works with the way you learn new software but something that will connect with the message you’re trying to send both as a business and as a brand. The best need the best, after all!