What You Can Learn From As Seen on TV Products

If you’ve ever had cable television in your life, there’s a 99% chance that you’ve seen commercials for what’s called As Seen On TV products. They’re infomercials—a 90-second spot that gives you information about a problem you might be struggling with. Then, their amazing product offers the solution to what you’d normally just accept as unsolvable.

What they do best is offer you a special chance to pay a super low price for added value, whether it be another set of their products, free shipping, or an additional piece that usually costs extra. With how high energy they can be and how enticing and short-lived that irresistible offer is, As Seen On TV products basically sell themselves.

That’s what digital marketing is truly all about. When you’re attempting to curate your product to an audience that doesn’t know you, you need to make sure that everything about the product is crystal clear. That way when they do reach out to try and make that purchase, you can focus on selling your credibility and trustworthy nature in addition to your goods and services.

But how do we create that sense of urgency? How do we induce fear of missing out on something great? By attention to detail and an amazing offer!

You want to make sure that when you’ve got your product, you’ve got an amazing idea lined up for that product as well. In the case of As Seen On TV products, the announcer will usually offer you a lower price for what they’re selling for a limited time—say, the next hour that the lines are open. That creates a sense of urgency from the buyer to call in right now instead of waiting until later to make that commitment.

Together, let’s dive into what can help you create that sense of urgency from your customers and how to generate the perfect irresistible offer by recreating the formula used on As Seen On TV products!